Annual Sports Meet at SCMS Cochin brings out the best from students in sporting competitions

24 Feb

SCMS Cochin recently held its Annual Sports meet and it turned out to be an event to remember with the students’ enthusiasm and sporting talent on full display. The event held between 27th and 31st Jan, 2014 was well attended. The event witnessed students from the PGDM program matching their skills on the sporting field with those from MBA, MCA and B.Com programs offered by the school. It was a gathering that not only gave students the adrenaline rush of competing, but also brought them closer to their peers through the unique bonding opportunity.

Since it has always been a highly anticipated event in the calendar year for the students at the institute, the organizers did everything in their power to make it a huge success. Student and faculty coordinators had put in all the effort to ensure that the sporting activities were conducted without any hiccups and everyone involved had a good time. And, that’s what they all did. Throughout the 5 day event, participants got a chance to show off their skills in different sports: from tennis to cricket, chess to carom, as well as basketball, badminton, volleyball, and football.

SCMS sports 2

While one of the objectives of hosting an event like this might be to encourage camaraderie amongst students, when it comes to sports it finally boils down to the competition. The event had students divided amongst eight teams: Kochi Indians, Kochi Daredevils, Kochi Tigers, Kochi Challengers, Kochi Kings, Kochi Chargers, Kochi Royals, and Kochi Strikers. Any resemblance to the cricket IPL nomenclature wasn’t misplaced as they managed to draw similar enthusiasm from the crowds when they took to the field in their respective team colours.

SCMS sports 1

The annual event held by SCMS Cochin has grown in stature over the years and it was visible in the type of venues that were hosting different competitions. The spotlight, as it often is at sporting events, was on Athletics, Football and Cricket, and they were held at the well equipped FACT ground. The badminton event was held in a state of the art indoor stadium, and it drew a very large audience. SCMS Cochin college ground was itself the host for Basketball, Volleyball and Table Tennis. Needless to say, the atmosphere on the campus was absolutely electric during the event.

Student Mitali Mishra made her presence felt from the cheering lines, said, “Although I wasn’t participating in any event, just being here was a fantastic experience. Everyone had a great time and we were doing our best to support our teams.” And who wouldn’t want their team to win? At the end of the event, it was the Kochi Challengers who were crowned the overall champions. They had a rich haul of 7 first and 3 second place prizes, which turned out to be enough to win them the coveted honour.

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