The entrepreneur of Jos Wood Arts talks about his journey towards establishing a profitable business house

12 Nov

Estes JosAt some point of time, you must have come across the famous proverb, ‘A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step’. Well, these words came true in the life of Estes Joes, an alumnus of SCMS Cochin School of Business and the entrepreneur of Jos Wood Arts. Today, Estes has achieved success and prosperity as a business professional.

Jos Wood Arts is an established business house that has been running for over four decades and has achieved global reputation in the field of furniture. It was started by Estes Joes’s father with the intention to manufacture high quality furniture at a reasonable price. Today, Estes has taken over the responsibility to look after it, and currently, they deal in furniture meant for hotels and apartments.

Estes Joes attributes a lot of his success to his education which he obtained from his business school- SCMS Cochin. Belonging to the very first batch of Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA 1), Estes is of course attached to his school in a very special way.  He believes that among the many advantages he got while studying at SCMS Cochin, acquiring new ideas and suggestions from different people gave him the primary edge. In fact, Estes clearly states that his colleagues played a key role in making him identify diverse approaches to business.

Besides, Estes thinks that his management lessons helped him gain knowledge on what changes do modern-day customers want and what ways should customers be dealt with. “If you are in a college like SCMS, you get different views from different people because their way of thinking is different and of course, way of doing business varies from place to place.” Needless to say, SCMS Cochin’s classrooms have students coming from every corner of the country, making it a very endearing experience to study in the school.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Estes has a word or two to share. He thinks that it takes around 3 to 4 years for working business professionals to learn the business fundamentals while working with an organisation and thereafter they are ready to take the big leap- commence their own ventures. One prominent example is Estes himself who is now busy working for the hotel industry and has already managed to complete 60 to 80 hotel projects.

True is the fact that the correct combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences is crucial in making successful entrepreneurs. Estes is a clear example for it. As he puts it- “Exposure is essential because just learning the basics of management doesn’t mean you will do well. Students should have experience also in their hand before they put their step forward to get their dreams realised…”

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