Jayaram Vishnu of SCMS- Cochin School of Business has learnt that “Ideas have a very short shelf life in online retailing”, while interning with Flipkart

26 Aug

Jairam VishnuFor most of the brand managers and senior executives he connects with, Jayaram Vishnu is not really a student of SCMS, but “Mr. Jayaram Vishnu from Flipkart”. One month into his Summer Internship, Jayaram has become an expert at reaching out to multiple brand heads in order to seek brand information. This task assigned to him has helped him improve his written skills and has also increased his social network tremendously.

“Most corporates need and maintain a formal atmosphere, but not Flipkart. Being the foremost e-com organisation in the country, Flipkart necessarily has to be high on the ‘cool quotient’, as a result of which I’ve always felt at home here.  The management has always encouraged me to be a part of their core business, as quality and dedication is what they encourage, instead of hierarchy. My SIP here has given me a wider spectrum, for which I must thank my mentor, Mr. Govind, who has given me my own space to think and freedom to express my views and suggestions.”

Jayaram Vishnu starts his working day at 9:30AM with a cup of coffee and breakfast from the cafeteria. Initially, it took him time to approach anyone, as he was afraid of disturbing people in the middle of their busy schedules. But he soon realised that fresh, new ideas – even wild ones – are the basis of the e-com business…. and Vishnu is the king of wild ideas! He soon realised that because he was taking his own sweet time to frame and express his thoughts, his very idea would pop up on the competitor’s page. Things are different now. Jayaram has learnt how to frame his thoughts at a much faster pace and express them at the right time, to the right person concerned. Today, not only is he acquainted with all his colleagues, he has also made some good friends at his workplace.

“I’m essentially a traveller, not a tourist. That is why I get to meet new people while on a journey. Some of these people have played a major role in my life. I believe that being outdoors, and meeting new people and interacting with them, is always a big stress buster and also helps to build contacts. It’s the reason why, despite being from Trivandrum, I had no qualms about studying Tourism and Travel Management from Madras Christian College, Chennai.”

Jayaram says that he had a few doors open for his SIP, but his faculty mentor suggested he pursue an SIP using his own resources. This would not just be a great confidence booster, but could get him into an area of interest fit for his abilities. He took up this suggestion and ultimately, through a friend, broke into Flipkart. Once there, all it took was an informal interview with the Director of Flipkart apparels, Mr. Rohit C., and he was soon walking the talk at his dream company.

“Online business has always been an area that I wanted to explore. Three months of SIP with the market leaders is as good as it gets! My academic tenure at SCMS has given me new skills and helped me grow as a person. I have learnt the art of being patient and being a good listener here. SCMS has given us sessions and seminars with great experts. Some of the professors have really helped me to outgrow my limitations and channelise my career.  My faculty mentor, Prof. Bindu K. Nambiar, has actually helped me immensely to come to the decision that I’m best suited for retail as my specialisation.”

Jayaram Vishnu’s day at Flipkart winds up as late as 8 o’clock; but then, it’s not work when work is fun! It is probably for this reason that so far, his internship has been going “very, very smoothly”. The buzzwords for online retailing, according to Jayaram, are – innovation, novelty and promptness. He says that, because at SCMS the repercussions for accepting mistakes are always positive, he is now more ready to accept his mistakes and learn from them.

“This has been the single most important reason why the journey at Flipkart has been a cake-walk for me,” he concludes.

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