SCMS students learn what’s behind a great ad at April Industry Interface Interaction

29 May

IMG_0408SCMS students learned what it takes to create an effective advertisement when Tara Ramanujan spoke at the April 3 Industry Interface Interaction held at the Cochin campus.

Educated in and having worked in the United States, she’s described as a thinker, writer, dreamer, office co-ordinator and technical writer at Verizon – and introduced herself as a secret observer of life around her.

Ramanujan told the SCMS students- “An ad has to grasp a person’s attention the minute they see it and to do that requires the perfect combination of graphics and the written word. The impact of that first glance determines if the viewer’s interest will be captured and whether they will read the copy – which must provide the information they want and need to know. Making the perfect ad is like creating magic.”

Ramanujan said to create a good ad, one has to look at it from the customer’s point of view. One has to determine the target market, try and envision what they want from the product being promoted and what would have the most impact on them. Once that has been determined, the advertiser then can develop a clear path to what graphics would be most effective, what the content of the written copy should be and how it should be expressed.

One has to be able to think from the consumer’s point of view, while keeping in mind the objectives the business wants to achieve, said Ramanujan, and accomplishing that is the difference between a good ad and an excellent ad.

While her talk was brief, the SCMS students attending said it opened their minds to all the aspects of everything that goes into the creation of a successful advertisement.


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