An eye opening III session on dealership business at SCMS Cochin School of Business

15 May

On 24th April, the students of SCMS Cochin School of Business witnessed one of the best III Sessions as it gave them a broader insight to the dealership business, along with internship opportunities in the sector. Popular Vehicles & Services Ltd. was the firm whose spokespersons came to give the students insights into their operations. Apart from that, they talked about the challenges faced by their company and their competitive priorities. Four representatives from the company came to the college campus, namely:

  • Mr. Naveen Philip
  • Mr. Johnson Mathew
  • Mr. Dinesh
  • Mr. Roy Thomas

The vision statement of Popular Vehicles and Services Ltd. says, “Popular will be the most admired corporate by progressively delivering greater value, through entrepreneurship within.”

Mr. Dinesh started off his presentation by quoting this vision statement, went on to further promote his brand. He told the gathering about his company’s turnover and its operations since its inception in 1938. He also looked back at how the  business had spread out and got dealerships for various other companies, such as Skoda, Hyundai, Tata, Honda, etc. He told the students that last year their company had sold 32,090 cars for Maruti Suzuki alone, witnessing a growth of 10.5%. 2% of Maruti cars all over India are sold by his company, and after quoting figures, he went on to highlight their awards and achievements. He also looked back in time to when the company started and compared to its present position. He said that his organisation gave importance to its human resources and that it follows an HR mantra which focuses on organisational goals in harmony with the employees, which is their key to success.

The session was followed by a healthy question-answer round, in which students as well as faculty members took part enthusiastically, after which the guests proceeded to lunch. All in all, it was an informative and interesting session, leaving listeners with greater understanding of the sector. The many anecdotes and shared personal experiences also allowed students to understand what it was like at close quarters.

–    Priyank Mehta

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