“In the current ever fluctuating and challenging economic trends, it pays to equip yourself with knowledge and the experience offered at SCMS- Cochin” Says Unnikrishnan P S, Placed as BD Manager at HDFC Bank, 2011-13 Batch

18 Apr

208-A-FK2225-UNNIKRISHNAN P SUnnikrishnan is smiling all the way to the bank. After all that’s where he works now!

A native of the beautiful backwater township of Kollam in southern Kerala, Unnikrishnan describes his tenure in SCMS-Cochin as a “rollercoaster ride”.

“The two years at SCMS-Cochin have been full of twists and turns with umpteen number of activities, seminars and programs, fast-paced curriculum and fun all along. With a good CGPA, and placement as a Business Development Manager in HDFC – with a reasonably good package – I finished this rollercoaster ride with a smile on my face and content in my heart. Fact of the matter is that the two years as SCMS-Cochin simply disappeared in a jiffy, leaving me wanting for more.”

A Mechanical Engineering from Government Engineering College Barton Hill, Trivandrum, Unnikrishnan had decided on a post-graduation in Business studies even while he was doing his B.Tech. He chose SCMS Cochin because of its reputation of being the best B-School in Kerala.

“SCMS-Cochin truly lives up to this reputation, also because of its steady placement record. The array of experienced and qualified professors and lecturers leave no doubt in this. I believe my experience with SCMS is indeed the drive that landed me in the job that I am currently selected for. They say it’s a “dog-eat-dog” world today, and the level of competition is at heights never experienced before. In times like these it pays to equip your-self with knowledge and the experience offered at SCMS-Cochin.”

Unnikrishnan defines the three-month Internship and subsequent thesis preparation as the most challenging phase of SCMS-Cochin. The first-hand experience at corporate life, doing a project under tight scrutiny – the project was regarding a market analysis for branch expansion of HDFC Bank in Bangalore – and strict timelines and the pressure to do a good job, made him realise the value of the discipline at SCMS-Cochin! Unnikrishnan’s profile as Business Development Manager under Home loans department at HDFC Bank covers functions of Sales, Marketing, as well as CRM.

“In the current ever-fluctuating and challenging economic trends, I plan to hold my ground, stick to my first job for a while, try to gain experience and exposure and play it out slow. It would be unwise to jump ships when the sea is rough because you never know which ship sinks to the bottom first. Although the current trends hint anything but betterment in the immediate future, I believe a prosperous career can be shaped out through dedication and perseverance.”       

With a 5-year plan firmly in place, Unnikrishnan sees himself a fair distance up the corporate ladder in the duration.

“If you are not moving fast enough, you are not moving at all. I believe 5 years is a good, long period to learn the tricks of the trade, position oneself for promotions and take big strides towards growth in the organization.”

Ambition, no doubt, is made of stern stuff, and Unnikrishnan clearly comes across as some who has it in ample quantity.

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