“The course, which is designed in consultation with the current industry trends, makes us job ready and gives us a finishing school exposure.” says S. Prabaharan, Batch- 2011-2013

15 Apr

FK-2320 PRABAHARANSCMS student S. Prabaharan says the school’s practice of learning through experience prepared him well for the corporate world.

Recently recruited by HDFC Ltd. as the Business Development Manager-Management Trainee, Prabharan strongly feels that “the curriculum that put students into a corporate scenario gave enough opportunities to learn and I optimally used that opportunity.”

Originally from Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu,the engineering graduate chose SCMS because he wanted to experience a different state and culture in order to break out of his comfort zone and grow. He definitely found that at SCMS.

“SCMS life allows students to find possibilities within uncertainties” he said, and managing those uncertainties taught him a lot, with the most challenging example being conducting a post-budget analysis for a finance forum. Prabaharan says the school gave him enough basic knowledge about marketing concepts and management to fit in well in his new position. “Professionally, the academic experience gave me a complete exposure of management knowledge in all the necessary areas like finance, operations, marketing and human resources. The course, which is designed in consultation with the current industry trends, makes us job ready and gives us a finishing school exposure.”

His SCMS training also shattered a lot of myths about management for him and allowed him to confidently answer questions about marketing and leadership when being interviewed for placement.

The courses provided at SCMS really pay off when it comes time to enter the world of work, says Prabaharan, because they give you job-ready skills and the brand value of the school, which provides a competitive edge in job market. Thanks to his education, he believes he can bring to the job creative and unexplored ways to overcome problems and meet target goals.

Based on his personal experience, he has some sound advice for graduating students being interviewed for placement. Prabaharan says they should market themselves throughout the placement process, ask company-related questions, present a clear dimension of the topics and be honest and confident in their answers. Sticking with the basics and delivering with confidence is the secret to cracking the placement process, according to Prabaharan.

As to what the future holds for him, he remarks: “After five years of experience I want to start my own venture… until then I will give my maximum to learn from opportunities.”

S. Prabaharan


Batch- 2011-2013

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