The SCMS Marketing wizard was discovered by ‘Quintessence’

19 Mar

marketing wizardThe Marketing quiz conducted by Quintessence, the Marketing Grid of SCMS-Cochin, showcased the knowledge and talents of the students of PGDM Batch 20. The quiz, hosted as the Grand Finale to the last chapter of the Quintessence sessions for Batch 20, was met with wide appreciation and applause.

The session was hosted by three talented and charismatic quizmasters, Mr. Sairam Ravisanker of the Retail batch, Mr. Mohit Mohan of the Systems & Operations batch and Mr. Suraj Antony of the Retail batch of PGDM 20. Four teams from each of the specialisations – Finance, Human Resource, Systems & Operations, and Banking & Insurance took part. The Retail batch hosted the event, thereby forfeiting the chance to participate. The rounds were full of fun-filled yet intriguing brain-teasers, each round having a mix of visual, verbal and video-based questions.

The rounds progressed rapidly, with the cheering crowds making a noise for the team they supported. The faculty played a special role by being part of the final round and each teacher displayed his/her acting talent, which finally led to questions from the world of films. In the end, when the dust settled, the Finance team walked off as the winner. Much to the surprise of competing teams, consolation prizes were awarded to all the participants.

The event was colourful and exciting and was able to keep the entire audience engaged. With all its fun and extravaganza, it was indeed a grand finale to the marketing grid sessions – and truly the ‘Quintessence’ of Marketing.

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