“Even after 15 years, almost our entire batch remains connected and we watch out for each other.” says Sandeep Kumar,Batch1997-99

25 Feb

sandeepSandeep Kumar seriously believes that time has wings. It seems to him like it was just yesterday when he entered SCMS-Cochin for the first time – a wide-eyed youngster transfixed by the most beautiful campus in the ‘God’s own land’.  Yet now he was doing the rounds of bustling get-togethers of Delhi Chapter of SCMS-Cochin alumni, as a ‘veteran’ of the 6th batch that passed out 15 years back; shaking hands with ‘youngsters’ who’d just passed out of SCMS-Cochin.

“Memories of SCMS-Cochin are very vivid in most of us. We were a class of 50, and we used to fight like anything,” recalls Sandeep with a smile. “And yet the moment we’d step out of the campus, it would be ‘one for all and all for one’. I even remember how we’d gone on a ‘pen-down strike’ in Dr. Radha Thevannoor’s class. It was for something so ridiculous, that I can’t even remember it! In the end we ended up making complete fools of ourselves! Whenever we remember those days, we just can’t stop laughing. Even after 15 years, almost our entire batch remains connected and we watch out for each other.”

After passing out of SCMS-Cochin in 1999, Sandeep joined Carrier Air Conditioning, and worked his way up in the organisation for the next 8 years.

“When you complete your MBA from a top B-school like SCMS-Cochin,your pay and designation make you feel that you are being inducted as an implementer – an expert in the organization. Fact of the matter is you got to start from the basics; you are an executioner at the middle of the managerial pyramid or maybe lower.Organizations work in pressure situations – especially in sales and marketing departments – and it’s tough for B-schools to emulate the real thing. Beyond facts, business decisions and transactions should be simulated more rigorously. Every day is a new day in the corporate world; and the world is changing so fast that you cannot predict what’s coming next.”

Sandeep made a switch in 2008, to the electronics giant – LG. Ever since, he has worked his way up, to the position of the Key Accounts Manager for AC’s.

“I have the tendency to get to my chair atleast half an hour before office time. This helps me get a rundown of my day ahead. Once office-hours start, I try to generate all kinds of MIS; taking down notes of the priorities for the day, before discussing and taking down concerns of my team members. Around 12 in the noon I report to my bosses. We have a weekly meeting with our MD. Coordinating efforts and resources is a tedious job, but I deal with it in a way, so that I have atleast 3 days a week to get a first-hand feel of the market. I make it a point to visit my costumers and interact with them as often as I can.”

Sandeep Kumar strongly believes that profits are the by-products of ethics. He advises the budding managers of SCMS  to “learn to be ready to face all kinds of situations boldly as in some cases you will be able to wriggle out of situations tactfully  but in some others you may really have to stand up and say “sorry boss, I am not for that “. He believes that when it comes to grooming ethical managers, SCMS-Cochin is second to none.

                                                                                                                                Sandeep Kumar,
Key Accounts Manager,LG
Batch 1997-99

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One response to ““Even after 15 years, almost our entire batch remains connected and we watch out for each other.” says Sandeep Kumar,Batch1997-99

  1. shivanandan

    February 27, 2013 at 11:31 am

    Sandy as he is lovingly called by his friends has always lived by example. He is a very hard working sole… Wishing him all the best.


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