Knowing Samuel John

31 Jan

SCMS1At SCMS-Cochin, we all have our strengths; individual qualities that can be expansively carved out in beautiful words. All… except one. Because when it comes to Samuel John a thousand words cannot say, what a few photographs can.

When Samuel John joined the 21st Batch of SCMS-Cochin, we saw him just as the rest of the world did – a young, well-groomed man who had worked hard to get into SCMS-Cochin, and like the rest of us would make a fine young manager of men and resources.

We couldn’t have been further away from his reality. And Samuel jolted us out of our impression with this unimaginable-for-us feat.

It was a revelation. Samuel John is a ‘Brown Belt’ (2nd Dan) in Karate, a Tae-scms2Kwon-Do ‘Senior Green Belt’. The pacid calm of his countenance comes from the fact that he has attained a level in Yoga,which only its unrelenting practitioners do. From Hip Hop, MJ, and Freestyle dancing as a semi-finalist in Boogie Woogie auditions, to Bike Stunting, Wheeley, Surfing, and Burnout; all of a suddent the rest of us at SCMS-Cochin were re-introduction to Samuel John – the real ‘Disco Fighter’!

With time we saw and learnt more from this amazing Samuel John. We got to know about his exploits at All Madhya Pradesh United Karate and Yoga Championship – 2006 (4 Golds and a Bronze),All Bhopal District United Shito-Ryu Karate Championship – 2005 (2 Golds and 2 Silvers), and All Bhopal Inter-Dojo Karate and Yoga Championship – 2006 (2 Golds).

While we were still coping up with this newfound avataar of Samuel John, he chose a different platform at SCMS-Cochin to let us know there was still a lot more to him.

SCMS 4Back home at Bhopal, Samuel John is a rockstar! Every time you mention ‘Living Stones’ (his rock band from college of which he still is a central part), Samuel’s eyes sparkle with glittering exploits; like the time when they performed ‘LIVE’ in front of a ten-thousand strong gathering of head-bangers in Bhopal. Let the electric guitar in his hand not fool you; Samuel is equally rocking on the Keyboards and Drums.

With every passing day, we at SCMS-Cochin realise that Samuel John is special. We have now stopped trying to guage the depth of his talent. As a parting shot we leave you now with ‘The Bioscope called Life – as seen through the lens of Samuel John’. His photography will tell you about the close proximity to nature of this Bhopal-born-Malayalee, as well as his leanings towards social service (Samuel was the Youth Secretary of the IFGM Church, Bhopal for 2 consecutive years 2010-2012, and is also the President of the Student Body, Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship of Bhopal).

scms5scms6scms7By Samuel John himself…
Passions mean a strong feeling or emotion, something that is desired intensely.So when people speak of passion they generally mean a hobby or interest. I have a different way of looking at it. My passion is not just a hobby; rather it is “to live life to the fullest”. For this reason I did not restrict my passion to a certain type of expression or medium.

Now, behind every passion there is a motive… a purpose… something that we want to achieve, seek or convey. Suppose a person’s passion is dancing. What does he want to achieve and convey through his dance? The essence of his dance could be grace, freedom, elegance, and/ or exercise.By practicing different disciplines, I grow and enjoy; and in the bargain, entertain, help and encourage others to discover and realize their potential and talents.

To excel, one must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I thank my God that he not only blessed me with a lot of it, but also gave me countless opportunities to build and develop it all the more.

Being a student at SCMS-Cochin, my first and foremost desire and obligation is achieving academic excellences. While I work towards it, I am enthusiastic about my passion as well, so I try to blend academic distinction in SCMS-Cochin and my creative passion, thus enjoying all the colours of life.

By Jayeeta Patatunda
SCMS Batch 21



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