“HUMANE 2012–‘Aligning HR with business strategy’” National seminar on HR at SCMS-Cochin

29 Jan


SCMS-Cochin played host to some of the most distinguished HR practitioners of India at the national seminar on Human Resources, HUMANE 2012 Held on the 26th and 27th of December the two-day seminar saw stalwarts from the HR spectrum exchange views on‘Aligning HR with Business Strategies’. The experts shared their knowledge and interacted with the young guns of SCMS-Cochin on a variety of topics like employee engagement, social media and HR, and Workforce Diversity

Providing the mandate for a thought-provoking seminar, Professor P.C Pillai, Group Director, SCMS-Cochin, drew a vivid comparison between the immense importance of Human Resource management today, with the 1970’s, when he was an employee in a reputed bank, and when most of the organisations did not have an HR sturcture in place.

Inaugurating the seminar, the celebrated DRDO Scientist and Director of NPOL Dr. Anantha Narayanan, spoke about the importance of HR management event to career scientists like him.

“With technology changing so rapidly, one of the biggest challenges of HR is to train its employees to avoid them from becoming outdated. If the management is able to understand the employee’s social, economical,and personal needs, it will be highly successful in retaining their employees. Manpower is beyond doubt the most important asset of an organisation. Connectivity through communication is the important link between management and the work force. This is not just good PR, it is also good HR.”

One of the most informative speakers during Humane 2012 was Mr. C.S. Anil Kumar, Zonal Head Operations of South Zone Reliance Retail, who gave a stunning account of how HR is driving businesses in various areas of the corporate.

“According to surveys, 17% of HR professionals and leaders have confirmed that they are invited to participate in the initial stages of major enterprise initiatives. HR is now a business partner; it is a tool that supports profit making of the company. To link HR with business, you should know your business first. Therefore, increasingly, HR practitioners are now being chosen from amongst those who know the business from the ground level upwards.HR is shifting from organisation of the business, to the business of the organisation” remarked Mr. Kumar.

The session by Mr. Shebu Raphael, Vice President – HR, Deloitte, was thoroughly enjoyed by the students of SCMS-Cochin, since it was high on the humour quotient.Drawing inspiration from scenes of Malyalam cinema, Mr. Raphael, simplified the current HR scenario for the benefit of the future managers from SCMS-Cochin. With great ease Mr. Raphael was able to establish that employee retention ultimately is the difference between an iconic corporate entity, and a ‘fly-by-night’ operator.

Mr. Narendra Kumar, Zonal Head – HR, Coca Cola, spoke intensely about the future of HR. He drew attention to the changing trends of HR, highlighting the linkages between strategy and HR.

He said, “The priorities of a global HR leader today should be on developing a comprehensive talent strategy. This should be closely followed by creatively engaging employees, improving managerial performance, knowing where and when to differentiate, and lastly measuring and monitoring results.”

Focussing on the influence of advancing technology and social media, Mr. Praveen Kamath, General Manager & Global Head – Talent Transformation at Wipro BPO reminded that, “Technology is the key for any business today. You have to realise the need of the hour. Technology is not just changing the role of HR, but how we conduct HR management as well. 87% of the companies today use Linkedin for recruitements. Social Media is a tool for every business to stay up… and updated.”

Over the two days of Humane 2012 the audience at SCMS-Cochin bore witness to some of the most stimulating discussions on all aspect of the subject. There was a series of Panel Discussions like the one on ‘Employee Engagement’, with eminent panelists like Mr. Abraham George, Partner at STEPZ HR, and Mr. Bijwish Babu, Manager – HR (International Recruitments & Rewards) at BankMuscat.  Two of the Panel Discussions drew a lot of interest, since the moderator was a SCMS-Cochin alumni Ms. Annu Mathew, currently a Talent Strategist with Accenture. One of these discussions was on Workforce Diversity, which had Mr. Rajesh Nair, VP Ernst and Young, and Mr. Vinod Subramanian, Associate Director, Flexability Limited, as panelists. The second Panel Discussion was on Social Media and HR with eminent panelists like Mr. K. N. Ajith, VP – HR & FMS at Mytrah Energy (India) Ltd., and Mr. Kishore Poduri, HR Head at DBS, Mumbai.

The experts from the industry congratulated SCMS-Cochin for creating the platform for an extremely ‘topical topic’. It was generally agreed by the students of SCMS-Cochin that the seminar had been an eye-opener on more than one front.


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