Student Vineed Vijay is an expert with his camera and believes that every moment of life can be made “picture perfect”

03 Jan

VineedVineed Vijay, a first year PGDM student of Batch 21 is known in campus for his love for photography. Photography, poems, script writing, direction, etc are Vineed’s interests. Recently in an interview, he shared his experiences and passion towards Photography.

Vineed does not even remember the age from which he started using a camera. “It seems like it has been with me ever since my birth”, remarked Vineed smilingly. He remembers using his uncle’s camera and wasting many film rolls clicking random snapshots. According to him, photography is his life- “A camera gives you the ability to see life in everything you see.” He loves the world of colors and says that photography is a world full of color.

Though he loves every snap taken by him, he cherishes his collections from his trip to Chittar, Kerala, with his friends. He prefers taking outdoor photos, landscape /portrait depending on the situation. When asked an opinion about the role played by smart phones these days in the field of photography, he says, photography captures a moment which cannot be recalled and a picture remains memorable. Smart phones help in the same when it is difficult to carry a camera in hand. Better options and better cameras are available with smart phones now. They help us use it during emergency situations as well and of course nothing can replace a real lens and a camera but smart phones are smart innovations.

He believes in capturing the true emotions and natural expressions of a person through random snaps of the environment he is in. Vineed says that “Every picture or photograph has a story to tell”. For example he says there is a photograph of a kid from Africa. It has got a best photograph award too. In it a vulture waits for the fall of a malnutrition kid, this shows the story of a country darkened by hunger and poverty.

He loves to click pictures and receive appreciations. He says that it is more pleasing to hear than be part of a picture. But he occasionally participates within the frame of a picture. He believes that being good at one makes him better at the other and that is what the management education has helped him understand. He feels that every individual is unique. Sachin Tendulkar is his motivational icon.

An inspirational quote of his is, “Hope is a waking dream” and he says “Always see life in everything before you and try to see with your heart and not through your lens/camera. That way you will be picture perfect.”

-Leya Elizabeth Mohan

PGDM – 21

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