SCMS-Cochin Out-Bound camp instils Leadership and Teamwork.

03 Jan

Physical training, leadership skills and teamwork were all in evidence in SCMS-Cochin students in their annual Out-Bound Training Programme held at Suryanelli in the Munnar district. Student Jayeeta Putatunda found it to be “the most exciting part of the whole PGDM course”. She said that details of the event were kept shrouded in mystery until finally a notice was posted outlining guidelines on what to take, the weather conditions, camp tents and facilities.

On December 14th, the first batch with three faculty members started out at around 11:30 a.m., reaching the camp at 5 p.m. The camp, said Jayeeta “was a scenic spot with a perfect integration of hills, rivers and greenery that created a very soothing and peaceful environment.”

Under the direction of Commander R. Madhusoodanan, Chief Trainer with Kalypso Training, the SCMS-Cochin students were briefed on the activities ahead and then relaxed with snacks in front of a camp fire. True to form, they played various games such as antakshari and passing the ball before retiring to their tents.

The SCMS-Cochin crew was up at 6 a.m. the next day and after breakfast, had different warm-up exercises in separate teams. These include exercises such as passing the ball randomly, the tile chain exercise and carrying the ball only with ropes attached from one station to another. This was followed  by a debriefing by the commander about what happened in the exercises.

As Jayeeta explained, the intention was to enhance the way they worked as a team and the way they communicated effectively to achieve set goals. “That is the point at which we realised that OBT was not only about fun tasks, but also involved a practical learning experience out of our regular organisational behaviour classes,” she said. “We learned mostly about leadership and how an effective leader can motivate and influence a team and guide its members to achieve individual as well as organisational goals. The actual experiences made the theory perspectives more clear.”

But the best was yet to come – river rafting. SCMS Director of Academic Administration, Pramod P. Thevannoor, Director Dr. V. Raman Nair, Dean Dr. Filomina P. George and Hostel Administrator Mr. Balagopal arrived that day, providing encouragement and taking lots of pictures

For the SCMS-Cochin students, rafting was a new experience as they had to make the rafts with bamboo shafts and tires, but keeping safety and cost effectiveness in mind. It was another event that called for teamwork.

Other events held during the Out-Bound Training Programme included Hill Trekking, which fostered team bonding, assisting each other and motivating tired participants. This was followed by an activity called ‘passing through the spider web’ which required dedication, concentration and effective planning.

The whole OBT experience “was very special in terms of learning as well as forming new bonds and strengthening the old ones,” said Jayeeta. “We, the students of SCMS, thank the management,  faculty, the Kalypso Adventures Team and all our fellow students who made this entire event a grand success and so meaningful in our lives.”

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