Mr. Rajasekhar Ramaraj, CEO, Sify Limited throws light on the essence of Entrepreneurship to SCMS- Cochin students

24 Dec


Gayatri Nair
SCMS – Cochin

‘Set an anchor that drives you towards your goal and dreams.’ This was the punch line that Mr. Rajasekhar Ramaraj put forth in a talk that gripped his audience.

Mr. Ramaraj is a chemical engineer from the University of Madras, MBA from IIM Kolkata, founder and till recently the CEO of Sify Limited, and a pioneer and leader in internet, networking and e-commerce services in India.

We, the students of PGDM batch-21, were especially fortunate to have attended the session of such a dynamic and versatile entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a challenging path to take from any business point of view; there are only a handful who risk taking up a business they really desire and love. “In today’s uncertain world, knowing one’s goal and having a mentor are a must”, stressed Mr. Ramaraj.

Many budding entrepreneurs were bubbling over with questions and the energetic speaker was ready to address all their queries. One of the questions asked was regarding the role education plays in the evolution of a successful entrepreneur. With a humble smile, he answered, “Education is an add-on to your skills, but to become a pioneer in entrepreneurship, education is not the prime focus”. You need to build up on your resources and focus on a lot of other skills to work towards success.

Serving one’s society and being patriotic are two lessons we could learn from Mr. Ramaraj, who has made impressive contributions to society. The plight of  Indian sportsmen and women is often talked about, but only a few like him actually work towards  improving matters. At the end of his talk, he was able to drive the thoughts of many students towards the vast ocean of entrepreneurship. His passion and dedication towards his work spread a positive vibe among all his listeners.

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