“Capture the potential of the capital market” suggested Mr. Ravi Jain, CRM, National Stock Exchange, Cochin region to the SCMS students

13 Dec

On 7th November ’12 the PGDM students of SCMS had an Institute Industrial Interaction (III) session with Mr. Ravi Jain, CRM, National Stock Exchange (NSE), Cochin Region.

Starting with an introduction on the NSE and what a Capital Market is, Mr. Jain spoke to us about the differences between Savings and Investments. Further emphasis was laid on where and how we can invest our money and also on why we should choose a capital market for our investments. With few new products launched in the NSE, Mr. Ravi briefed all of us about the Gold ETF product.

Essentially, buying Gold ETF is the act of purchasing gold in electronic form. Thus, Gold ETF makes it easier for us to invest in gold. According to Mr. Jain, it was a good idea to invest in this new product as it is Simple, Safe and Trusted.

Looking beyond the simple question of where to put your money, students were also educated about the Rights and Obligations of the Investors, something most investors are ignorant of. We were also given insights on how we ought to be careful before or while signing or agreeing to investor services. An understanding of the terms and conditions specified and also understanding the Power of Attorney is important to every individual who invests in these ETFs.

During the interaction session, Mr. Jain mentioned the various steps involved in investing and the role of a broker in trading. On a concluding note, he highlighted the importance of knowing the capital market before one invests. All in all, it was an enlightening and very important interaction for all of us who are potential investors.

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