“The Industry does not expect extraordinary talent from freshers, just a lot of discipline, dedication and sustained performance over a period of time”, says Mr. Melwin Kottayil, Faculty, SCMS-COCHIN

24 Nov

After working for several years in industry, Mr. Melwin Kottayil joined SCMS-Cochin in August this year as Assistant Professor. He is a Chartered Accountant and has worked with National Stock Exchange and SPG Consulting. He is also a Certified Information System Auditor certified by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, USA.

Mr. Melwin Jose Kottayil deeply respects every student’s individual potential and strengths – and he brings this belief to his classes as well. He collaborates with his students to understand them and then tries to urge them to attain higher levels of performance, “We are not trying to bring everybody to the same platform; all students are at their own particular levels, and we need to see where they stand. In the period of these two years, we try to push them to the levels they are capable of attaining.” Perhaps this thought process has evolved owing to Mr. Kottayil’s own experience in the corporate world.

Finance is Mr. Kottayil’s field, and he has always enjoyed sharing the nuances of the subject with others. Mr. Kottayil’s completed his CA in 2008 and began his career working as a consultant with SPG consulting in Mumbai. He moved to NSE in 2009. At NSE, he conducted several sessions on Finance for different sets of people – and realised that he enjoyed it! That’s when he started contemplating teaching and SCMS-Cochin being a part of his home State just made the decision easier.

Mr. Kottayil says he doesn’t have a particular teaching philosophy. “I deliver sessions, which can last for 12 minutes, 3 hours or even for the whole day. I have a broad outline defining what should be covered and then, depending on the response of the participants, I decide the length of the session.”  However, he stresses that students need to be technically sound. Once technical expertise has been taken care of, the other big employment factor, according to Mr. Kottayil, is a professional’s ability to network and communicate. He doesn’t feel that industry expects extraordinary talent from freshers, just a lot of discipline, dedication and sustained performance over a period of time. Employers also want the candidate to be flexible and open to adapting to the organisation’s culture.

Advising management students, he says, “Today, people hop jobs more frequently than ever but one should have sound reasons for doing so. I wouldn’t change a job in less than two years, since you learn in every organisation.” He feels it reflects on the resume and personal learning is also impacted. Fond of reading books about his sphere of interest, Mr. Kottayil’s is also keenly interested in investments. He is also a happy traveller, but is most content when playing with his two year old son!

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