“I am proud to have been a part of Parivarthana 2012” – says, Sneha Murali, SCMS-Cochin MBA, Batch 10 student

24 Nov

What do you get when you combine enthusiastic students, peppy music, creative dialogues and the inherent responsibility to educate students on “Road Safety”?  You get ‘Parivarthana 2012’, bigger and better than ever. Our experiences of ‘Parivarthana’ cannot be limited to just a few pages. Memories were made, important lessons were learnt, relationships were built and personalities were developed in the process of helping society, by creating an awareness of road rules and safety measures among school children. After days of rehearsals and hours of practice, we were sent out in teams of 15 to schools near and far. Our mission was to instill in school children the awareness they would require once they were on the roads of Kochi. We believed that through ‘Parivarthana’, they would learn and imbibe these practices for the future, and prevent accidents and casualties.

We are confident that we were able to reach the children through our coordinated efforts. With the support of our faculty, we were able to choreograph an excellent show, which did not only entertain the children, but also educated them at the same time. Children related well to the dialogues between “Yamraj” and “Chitragupt”, as the skit we put up appealed to their sense of humour, but also made them think.  The flamboyant charm of “Sumesh Bobby” and a special spoof of ‘Ningalkum Agam Kodeeshwaran’ with a blend of ‘Road Safety’ in it did not fail to amuse them either. If these weren’t enough, the children had the opportunity to croon and dance to the peppy number “STOP LOOK and LISTEN”, and also on the theme to ‘safe crossing’ while on the roads. Leave it to SCMS-Cochin to deliver only the best, and come up with outstanding results. We, the management students, learnt just as much as the children we reached out to in the schools. We learnt teamwork, coordination and most importantly, we were able to come out of our shells. Being socially inept was not acceptable as an excuse not to participate, because ‘Parivarthana’ aims at putting everyone in the spotlight, even if for a short while. And in this manner, many developed confidence, and their personalities shone through.

All in all, we were very proud to be a part of this great initiative, and we hope to be a part of more such CSR activities at SCMS-Cochin in the future. We are thankful to the management and our incredible faculty, who guided us and moulded us to be who we are now. ‘Parivarthana 2012’ can definitely be considered a grand success.

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