Starting with Mahabalipuram, SCMS-Cochin Alumni in Chennai all set for round-the-year family outings and get-togethers

20 Nov

On September 22nd, 2012 the Chennai Chapter of SCMS-Cochin got together at Nungambakkam to discuss methods of strengthening the social interaction between SCMS-Cochin alumni. In all, 33 alumni from each and every one of the 19 PGDM Courses of SCMS-Cochin, and one student from Batch 2 of the MCA Course, registered their presence on this Saturday. Taking matters into their own hand the Chennai Chapter decided that rather than be galvanised only when SCMS-Cochin tells them to, the Chennai Chapter will make efforts to organise events on their own.

“Most of the alumni present at the get-together were unanimous that we should meet more often”, said Debopriyo Sen, one of the alumni present. “We’re are also working on having an annual meet, most likely on the 2nd of October every year.”

The energy and enthusiasm was evident amongst the Chennai Chapter. What was also evident was a strong resolve to not just speak of intentions, but of actions as well. Apart from organizing professional interactions with business leaders, family outings on a ‘fun n games’ theme, was also decided by the alumni of SCMS-Cochin.

“We have zeroed in on a trip to Mahabalipuram – a day out with family – on November 25th, 2012 for starters,” declared Rekha Ny. “We also discussed certain suggestions on a suitable social cause that the Chennai Chapter of SCMS-Cochin alumni body would like to take up.”

Various factors, like the venue being in uptown Chennai, and the day being a Saturday, ensured good attendance for the alumni meet. Rekha NyDebopriyo SenRama Krishna Prasad Parasaram, and Samuel Harris were nominated as the Coordinators for the ‘fun-day’ at Mahabalipuram. Starting with this outing, it was decided that a Facebook page/group will be setup to report and coordinate all the activities.

“The meeting was quiet fruitful. We were able to share ideas for generating more alumni funds, increasing level of interaction, and enhancing alumni-current student interaction,” said Samuel Harris, another SCMS-Cochin alumni present at the meet.

It was also decided that SCMS-Cochin will be requested to send the SCMS-Cochin monthly Newsletter to its alumni by email.

“We all are deeply attached to SCMS-Cochin, and would like to see our juniors well placed. We would also like to help each other grow,” concluded , Rama Krishna Prasad Parasaram one of the pro-active participants on 22nd September 2012.

The Meeting concluded with a fellowship dinner, which allowed the alumni to regale their days in SCMS-Cochin and discuss the activity planned, informally.

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