The art of mixing Ayurveda with Management at SCMS-COCHIN

09 Nov

Dr. Deepak, who has joined SCMS-Cochin for the regular PG in Business Management is the perfect example of a thoroughbred professional choosing to enhance his business acumen before beginning his career. A Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery, Dr, Deepak feels that for him being at SCMS-Cochin is all about being at the right place at the right time.

“Ayurveda is a renowned healing and wellness system of Ancient India,” elaborates Dr. Deepak, on his choice of SCMS-Cochin for his business education. “This system of medicine is gaining popularityonce again, not only in India but across the globe. Ayurvedic medicines are the safest of all drugs, and exhibit no side effect; which explains why people are coming back to this system of healing. However a lot needs to be done to iron out bottlenecks and help this sector boom. This can only be done by those experts who understand this system of medicine and are equally deft at management and business skills.”

The logic is water-tight. What’s of even more consequence is that the world-renowned Faculty of SCMS-Cochin agree with him on all counts. While the health and pharmaceutical sector in India has seen an unprecedented growth in the recent years, with ‘medical tourism’ being a big draw, a major chunk of tourists are visiting Kerala to find cure for their pains in its traditional Ayurvedic healing. Evidently, Dr. Deepak’s pursuit of PGDM in the best B-school in Kerala is a remarkable strategic move which will give him an edge over others who aspire to make it big in the pharmaceutical sector.

“My decision to join SCMS-Cochin was rather swift. The fact that it is in Kerala was a big plus for me, as I could study the industry first-hand. The feedback about SCMS-Cochinfrom friends and relatives, in terms of the placement record and reputation in the corporate world, was immaculate. In the short span that I’ve been here, I’ve realised that the curriculum and co-curricular activities have been designed in a way that its students are bound to excel in any industry of their choice.”

Dr Deepak believes that traditionally, the Ayurvedic system of medicine has lacked the support of Marketing and Management practices. As a result, modern developments in Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals have failed to reach the masses.

“With many companies now giving utmost importance to research, supply chain, distribution networks, and advertising; mass awareness is fast being realised. This has created many job opportunities for management students in this sector.”

Dr. Deepak has already begun shortlisting reputed Ayurvedic pharmacy company that he will be targetting after completing his PGDM from SCMS-Cochin. Undoubtedly, with his custom-made Ayurveda-Management profile, he is bound to be a huge asset to the organisation he serves. Dr. Deepak intends to start his own venture, once he has acquired the necessary experience. For the present though, Dr. Deepak is enjoying the simple joys of companionship and the pleasures of the extra-curricular in the sprawling campus of SCMS-Cochin.

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