For Tinu Thomas, going to SCMS-COCHIN is like a Homecoming.

15 Sep

Tinu Thomas has just not stopped smiling for the past 30 days… A native of Kerala, Tinu did his graduation from Bhopal and after that, he set his sights on an MBA to add value to his employability quotient. While he was browsing the length and breadth of the country on the net for a suitable B-school, a part of his mind was instinctively zeroing in on the options in Kerala. Tinu need not have worried; Kerala also wanted him back. He could barely contain his joy on hearing that he had made it to one of the most respected B-schools in India and the top B-school in Kerala – SCMS-COCHIN.

“Before joining, I had spoken to a few friends who are alumni of SCMS-COCHIN. The common refrain was ‘Tinu, every moment in SCMS-COCHIN is worth it. SCMS-COCHIN is one of the few B-schools which will push you to understand you caliber and capacity’. It’s been just a month, but I am beginning to see what they meant.  Every day is different here. In a way, our course is like a mini-India.”

Tinu stays in the SCMS-COCHIN Boys’ Hostel. What struck him as really impressive in the first month itself about SCMS-COCHIN is the ability of the Mess to cater to every kind of Indian palate.

“The kitchen is really secular. The bill-of-fare varies daily to accommodate all kinds of cuisine. It’s a wonderful lesson in the art of adjusting. I have also felt the impact of a disciplinary approach to business education as practiced by SCMS-COCHIN. We are in good hands. The management and faculty know the methods to mold us in line with the corporate world. Rules are good for channelising our efforts in the right direction.”

Tinu has three priorities while at SCMS-COCHIN.

“Studies, Studies and more Studies. If I adhere to these three priorities, I think the rest will automatically fall in place. When you are academically good, it gives you the freedom to pursue personality development and extra-curricular activities.”

Tinu Thomas enjoys a game of basketball every now and then, and is quite adept at tennis. He is rather handy with a mouth-organ too, and hopes to entertain his colleagues at SCMS-COCHIN on days when they are chilling out.


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