“Students must realize the importance of their time at SCMS-COCHIN and use it wisely”, advices Dr. Sengottuvelu, Faculty, SCMS-COCHIN

13 Sep

Dr. Sengottuvelu is not one to rest on his laurels. As a matter of fact, you could look upon his life as one dedicated to the continuous pursuit of knowledge. The SCMS-COCHIN professor holds multiple degrees including a Masters in General Management and a Doctorate. This drive to further enhance his knowledge base also included post-graduation diploma courses and various certifications. When taken as a whole, it is clear that Dr. Sengottuvelu has a passion for learning that has encompassed his entire life. “I have 25 years of experience in the corporate world. Working in two Navratan companies, I was also in a research facility for internal training programmes as part of HR activities. I also worked as a guest lecturer with reputable universities like IGNOU and others. This experience actually prompted me to look into academics.”

As his interest in academics as a career path became stronger, Dr. Sengottuvelu began to shift into the field beginning with small steps. “All through my time in the corporate sector, I was doing some part-time teaching. As I was completing my Doctorate, I became interested in switching over to academics full-time. I saw that SCMS-COCHIN was looking for faculty, so I applied. The well-established name of SCMS-COCHIN is what first attracted me. After doing some research on the institution, I discovered that SCMS-COCHIN is one of the burgeoning institutes in this part of the country.”

With a trained eye on the corporate world and feet firmly planted in the academic world, Dr. Sengottuvelu brings a unique perspective into the classroom, one that benefits his students. With a teaching philosophy that is comprised of 40% theory and 60% practical application, Dr. Sengottuvelu knows what industry expects from graduating students and the skill sets that they are required to have to become potential employees. SCMS-COCHIN has followed this initiative with the adoption of certain programmes such as IMLP to better prepare students for what lies beyond the institute’s walls.

In looking back on his journey and towards the emerging future, Dr. Sengottuvelu offers sage advice for students at SCMS-COCHIN. “Whatever the institution offers, whatever the extra effort that students put into their work, it should all be done with passion and sincerity. This two-year period is a short timeframe in which to mould their careers. The students must realise the importance of this time, and work diligently towards their goals.”


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