“My decision to join SCMS-COCHIN was by choice not by chance”, says Priyank Mehta, 1st year PGDM student

13 Sep

For Priyank Mehta, a first year student of the PGDM course, the decision to join the School of Communication & Management Studies, Cochin (SCMS-COCHIN) was not by chance but by choice. Hailing from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, this young lad was focused about joining the corporate world after doing his B.Sc in Electronics from the University of Delhi. Since he did not want to pursue research or academics, an M.Sc degree was ruled out and he realised that to make it big in the corporate world, he needed to get a degree from a prestigious and reputed college.  Family came to his rescue in the form of his brother-in-law who, having graduated from Bangalore University, advised him to fill up the admission form for SCMS-COCHIN since he had heard and read good reviews about the institute. And that is how Priyank found himself pursuing a degree in Management from SCMS-COCHIN, far away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi, in the idyllic and alien culture of Kerala. But as he was soon to realise, it was not a place without friends and mentors.

Priyank admits that he felt a cultural difference when he came to Cochin, but he quickly adapted to the change. Although he misses the freedom he enjoyed in Delhi where he spent 3-4 years, he feels the strict discipline in SCMS-COCHIN will stand him in good stead in the future. “The environment at SCMS-COCHIN is quite strict but it’s for our own good. We will realise the value of this strict discipline when we get into the corporate world,” said a wiser Priyank. Besides, he is certain that as far as his expectations from SCMS-COCHIN are concerned, the institute will mold him well for a future in the corporate world. And what are his expectations from his seniors? “I have already interacted with my seniors as their hostel is only a few minutes walking distance from mine. I have already played cricket with them two to three times. It was a good interaction. They told me that I will get used to the rules and after the first year I will feel that I am heading towards becoming someone special”, shared Priyank.

To break out of the monotony of the strict hostel life and the academic rigour, he does take a break sometimes to go to nearby hang outs. “But we have to get into the hostel by 9.30 pm during weekdays and at 10 on weekends. If we plan a night out, then our parents have to fax the college that they have no issues with this,” said Priyank sheepishly. Finally, Priyank says that “the atmosphere in SCMS-COCHIN is completely different from that in the University of Delhi, but keeping in mind that I have to do something worthwhile after my studies, that is my priority and I don’t mind it.”

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