“SCMS-COCHIN focuses on being a good manager from day one,” shares Gayatri Nair

05 Sep

Gayatri Nair is a go-getter, an independent modern woman who knows she has to be bold and strong to find her way in the world. She belongs to Delhi, but moved out of her home-city to make a career for herself. After her graduation from Chennai, she has now joined SCMS-COCHIN to pursue a PGDM. She is enthused about the course and is also enjoying the life being offered by the hostel at the institute. “I have spent about a month in the hostel facility at SCMS-COCHIN and my experience has been everything a student desires when she steps out of the comfort of her own home. So far, my stay has been amazing and living here has dispelled all myths for me about Kerala and it being an orthodox place,” she says.

SCMS-COCHIN hosts students belonging to diverse backgrounds from all over India and even abroad! This, she thinks, helps students build a sensitivity and understanding of people that is a boon for a management student. Gayatri found it easy to adjust to the academic life on campus. SCMS-COCHIN has strict discipline and regulations that she says are necessary to create academic excellence. Commenting on that, she says, “I graduated from a college which was stricter and that helped me understand the value of rules and regulations in academic life.”

SCMS-COCHIN is not only about management education, but it also lays emphasis on being ‘a good manager’ from day one, and that helps keep the students focused. The initial days are stressful and the students undergo a continuous assessment process that creates continual pressure. But with each assignment they handle successfully, they gain in confidence and finally get used to it. The institute also works on the students’ personality development by involving them in extra-curricular activities.

Gayatri advises her peers, “The key to survival in this and any other hostel is adaptation. The sooner we learn to accept and adapt, the better we settle in and get on with learning and focusing on our careers.” Hostel life at SCMS-COCHIN is full of fun and bonhomie. The beautiful relationship between students who have been here longer and newcomers becomes the basis for settling in for the new batch.

“Hostel life is simply a facilitator”, says Gayatri. “My focus today is only on my future and academic life. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication to build the career I desire.” The college has high expectations from its students and in meeting those expectations, students fulfill their own!


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