SCMS-COCHIN’s Parivarthana 2012 focuses on Road Safety for Youngsters.

27 Aug

Road safety will be the focus of SCMS-COCHIN’s Parivarthana 2012, a social programme launched by the SCMS group of educational institutions. The programme is aimed at getting students to tackle social challenges and problems faced by modern society.

“Carelessness of two-wheeler riders on the road is a major reason for road accidents leading to the death of youngsters”, said P. A. Sainuddin, Deputy Transport Commissioner, Central Range. Along with Adarshkumar G. Nair, well-known trainer and motor vehicle inspector, Sainuddin addressed the students and faculty at the inaugural traffic coaching session of Parivarthana 2012.

Parivarthana is a month-long training programme for students from selected schools in and around Ernakulam. It is conducted by the MBA, PGDM and MCA students of SCMS. The training this year will cover more than 25,000 students in about 100 schools and be held during the month of October.

This year’s road safety programme was drafted under the guidance of the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NATPAC) and the Motor Vehicle Department of Kerala.

Road safety is indeed a social problem in all of India. In 2009, a report released by the World Health Organisation showed that more people died in road accidents in India than anywhere else in the world. At that time, based on 2007 statistics, at least 13 people were dying every hour in road accidents across the country. It was noted that the figures were likely even higher.

“There is no estimate of how many injured in road accidents die a few hours or days after the accident,” said Rohit Baluja, member of the UN Road Safety Collaboration and Commission of Global Road Safety representing Asia. While 23,991 occupants of trucks and lorries lost their lives in 2007, the largest single segment of road deaths, this was followed by riders of two-wheelers.

Road safety is just the latest in a series of social problems that have been tackled by SCMS-COCHIN students over the past few years.

In Parivarthana 2010, the programme focused on creating awareness among students on adolescent problems, reproductive sex education, misuse of technology and ways to prevent and fight AIDS.

Students were also informed about dangers of not using modern technology in a wise way.

Parivarthana 2011 elaborated on topics like prevention of drug abuse in adolescents, promotion of personal hygiene, civic behaviour in children and safer social networking on the Internet.


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