SCMS-COCHIN Student, Sebin Mathew, Prepares for the Future with a Summer Internship.

30 Jul

SCMS-COCHIN student Sebin Mathew realised the importance of gaining experience within the business world. It is for this reason that he is currently involved in a summer internship with AVT McCormick Ingredients Pvt. Ltd., based in Aluva, Cochin which would offer him the chance to apply his academic knowledge in a business setting. It would also help him meet the changing requirements of employers who are looking for candidates who have both academic credentials and experience.

For the next three months, Sebin will be working to study the quality assurance mechanisms used by AVT in the areas of packaging, raw materials and ingredients. He is then tasked with developing a Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) model that will produce recommendations and guidelines for all the suppliers in the aforementioned areas. He will then design a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manual for all the suppliers. Additionally, Sebin is also developing a supplier grading system to rate and prioritise all the different suppliers, based on complaints, audit reports, etc.

After his professor at SCMS-COCHIN, Mr. Kurian Mathew, gave him a glowing referral for an interview/discussion with the Vice-President of AVT McCormick, Sebin landed the internship and has been hard at work ever since. “I am from an information technology background, thus Operations is a new field for me to explore. As such, all the terminology used here in the QA department related to food safety, ingredients and products was initially a little challenging to understand, but having a good guide is always a blessing. I have a wonderful project guide. That is how I could tackle the challenges.”

Sebin is thoroughly enjoying the project and knows that it is preparing him for the future. “After studying a course on operations called Operations Management in my 3rd trimester, I thought of just one thing: ‘I have to get into this field and understand the different aspects of operations’. The internship project has turned out to be a blessing. QA is really interesting and is more challenging and dynamic than my previous position in software development.”

On looking back at the faculty support he received at SCMS-COCHIN, Sebin is equally enthusiastic. “We have one project coordinator and a faculty guide for our project. Both are encouraging and helpful. It’s the faculty guide, Mr. Dennis Thomas, who is my first contact from college. He is always motivating, and his kind and encouraging words push me and drive me towards my goal. He makes sure that we are comfortable with our work and is open to any queries. We are given complete freedom to call him anytime. The perfect blend of faculty guide and company guide gives me the right support required for the summer project.”

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