SCMS-COCHIN Student Learns the Art of Corporate Finance – Says, Maurice Peters SCMS-Cochin Student.

30 Jul

SCMS-COCHIN student, Maurice Peters, is well aware of the importance of experience when it comes to landing a position in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. It is for this reason that Maurice is currently interning at the head office of the State Bank of Mysore in Bangalore.

Rather than finding an internship that was closer to his home in Alleppey, Kerala, Maurice followed the internship guidelines by selecting a position that was away from where he lived. The internship guidelines ensure that students are able to broaden their horizons by forcing them out of their comfort zones and helping them to become a part of the larger community. Bangalore turned out to be a perfect place for Maurice as he had lived there previously and was able to find lodgings. Maurice elected to participate in an internship that catered to his specialisation in finance at SCMS-COCHIN. As such, the State Bank of Mysore was the perfect opportunity for him. Assigned to the Mid-Corporate department, Maurice is now learning how working capital is financed by banks and the assessment techniques and monitoring methods of the working capital that is funded by the bank. In this endeavour, he is given live accounts and is taken through the process by a mentor who has more than 32 years of experience in credit appraisal.

Maurice states that he’s always had a flair for financial management. As such, the internship is truly helping him get a feel for the way things will work when he finally enters the financial job market. Already, the internship has proven to be both a learning and growth experience. His guide in the company has been extremely supportive of Maurice and makes the extra time needed to ensure that Maurice is successful. Maurice is also getting the feel of how corporate finance really works, making the internship invaluable as a learning tool.

He is extremely grateful for the opportunity to intern in his chosen specialty and is extremely thankful to SCMS-COCHIN for the support that it has offered him throughout the course of the internship. With mentors that are ready to help him in his journey, Maurice is certain that that he can achieve success within the internship and beyond.


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