“Facing up to a new environment, Unfamiliar language and food, Has helped me achieve a very high level of Self-Confidence,” Says – Sairam of SCMS-Cochin, Currently on Internship with 3M India limited.

28 Jul

SCMS-COCHIN has a rule barring its management students from doing their Summer Internships in their hometowns; even if the company happens to be a globally renowned corporate house. Sairam, like many past and present SCMS-COCHIN students, found this to rule a bit harsh… until he started his 3-month internship with 3M India Limited on the 25th of June, 2012 in Bangalore. One month into his internship, the Chennai lad confesses that his biggest learning has been living outside his hometown – and his comfort zone.
“Having chosen a Marketing topic for my internship, my target is to visit about 250 retail stores in Bangalore, collect information and analyse the total stationery potential in Bangalore, as well as the prospective areas where 3M can enter. Language is currently the biggest challenge that I am facing here. To be able to do my job effectively, I have to converse with many local retailers and since I don’t know the language, sometimes I end up getting unnecessary information while on other occasions, I don’t get a response at all.”
Sairam, who will be resuming his final year at SCMS-COCHIN towards the end of September on the completion of his internship, speaks of the various other challenges of staying in a completely new city.
“In the initial phase, it was quite a task getting used to the mode of transportation in Bangalore. I am currently staying in a PG along with a friend. The food comes in from a restaurant every day, which is not the best option. Facing up to a new environment, unfamiliar language and food has helped me learn new things and achieve a very high level of self-confidence.”
Sairam is happy about the fact that his project encourages his chosen profile – Marketing, with a focus on Retail. After his current experience with 3M in Bangalore, he is absolutely certain that he’ll be able to manage his affairs independently, even on the moon!
“I now know how to approach retailers and collect the required information, language notwithstanding. I know how to work smart, and finish the work in an efficient manner.”
In fact, Sairam has come to enjoy his stay in Bangalore now. He is looking forward to making the most of his remaining two months before getting back to the classrooms in SCMS-COCHIN.
“Next door to our 3M office – which, to many like me, is a dream company to work for – is the UB City building, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Bangalore. My project gives me the requisite exposure to interaction with retailers and the opportunity to visit all the grand malls in Bangalore.”
He credits the faculty of SCMS-COCHIN with being the main reason he was able to stave off the initial challenges of his internship.
“Our Faculty at SCMS-COCHIN will do whatever it takes to ensure that we are on the right lines. They will go through the reports you will file, keep track of what you are doing and advise you on the best way forward. The best thing about the SCMS-COCHIN faculty is their willingness to strike a rapport individually with their students.”
Sairam feels that he works independently in Bangalore, with the complete confidence that his faculty mentors at SCMS-COCHIN are always available to him for support and guidance.

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