SCMS-COCHIN: Creating Leaders for Tomorrow

25 Jul

Globally competent and socially responsible business leadership is built through a continued quest for excellence. SCMS-COCHIN welcomed its 21st batch of PGDM students in July 2012 and they will go through the programme to take their place in the world of business as dynamic and efficient managers, entrepreneurs and executives.

Over the years, SCMS-COCHIN alumni have contributed to businesses the world over and created a legacy for the institute. Each year, the institute witnesses a new and higher level of enthusiasm, motivation and verve in the students passing out, easily making it one of the most coveted educational institutions today. It also raises the bar for new entrants and pushes them to explore and attain their true potential.

Dr. Raman Nair, Director of SCMS-COCHIN, calls the years spent at the institute a journey of excellence. He believes that students are striving for more every year and that’s what helps the institute create business leaders par excellence. Dr. Nair urges the students to strive on, saying, “Set high goals for yourself, and take advantage of all our campus has to offer. Expand the horizons of your knowledge, and equip yourself with all the skills and competencies necessary to grow and succeed in this highly dynamic and challenging world.”

SCMS-COCHIN offers its students abundant opportunities to polish their talent and pick up the necessary skills. It holds the student body in esteem.  However, the filtering processes are stringent, ensuring that graduates from the institute are men and women of substance. Every new batch sets a new milestone in the legacy of SCMS-COCHIN and the 2012 batch has set new hopes in motion.

Each student at SCMS-COCHIN is challenged, encouraged and rewarded by the system to develop and groom himself in ways that befit the finest talent in the country. The programme offers quality education that equips, trains, and empowers the leaders of tomorrow.

SCMS-COCHIN is an ACBSP accredited B-School, and has pertinent national and global affiliations and accreditations. The institute leverages innovative educational methods and synergises them with ethical values to meet the changing global order. In fact, the vision of the institute is to be a leader in providing value-based education.

A unique learning environment, resources and infrastructure support the Vision and Goals of SCMS-COCHIN. Diligence and hard work at the institute assures the attainment of these goals for students, year after year.

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