Gold Medalist and SCMS-COCHIN Graduate, Jerry Antony, Looks Back on His Success.

17 Jul

Jerry Antony knows how hard you have to work to succeed, no matter what you’ve set your mind to. Already a gold medalist, the SCMS-COCHIN graduate is looking towards his future as this phase of his life comes to a close.

In reflecting upon his two years at SCMS-COCHIN, Jerry says, “The two-year journey has been mixed with all kinds of emotions. There were moments where we were happy and also moments when we were sad, especially when we could not meet our own expectations.” He even credits his gold medal to his time spent at SCMS-COCHIN. “I would call it the fruit of my two years of hard work and the small sacrifices I have made. I was happy to receive it, but the real happiness was seeing my parents enjoy the moment. But, as it is said, change is the only thing which is constant. That moment is over, and I will have to work hard for my golden future.”

This golden future might not have come to fruition if not for SCMS-COCHIN and the support of his parents. “Frankly speaking, on my first day at SCMS, I was in the midst of engineers and experienced people. I felt as if I was a kid left alone. But amma told me you have it inside you, so just go and pull it off. So it’s they who deserve all my gratitude for what I am. For a piece of coal to become a diamond, it requires a lot of rubbing from many others. Without SCMS and the faculty, I would have been nowhere. They really are true friends who are like a mirror and stick by you. Their contribution is unlimited.”

When summarizing his success in school and in life, Jerry keeps it simple. “There is not any secret or something. It’s just the result of one’s hard work. My mantra is my amma’s words:  ‘Be the best where you are with the opportunities that you have got’.” He also offers advice to the new batch of students at SCMS-COCHIN. “Things always happen when you really believe in them. One more thing you need to succeed is hard work. You should also enjoy yourself, make friends and have a good social life. Never postpone activities; do them now.”

Now working as a banker at the South Indian Bank Limited, Jerry has a bright future ahead of him, but he will never forget where he came from. “SCMS has taught me not to become a man of success but a man of value. The values I carry away from the institution are integrity, perseverance and esprit de corps.”

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