Day-long Workshop At SCMS-COCHIN Ensures Curriculum On Pace With Business.

17 Jul

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Aiming at keeping its curriculum attuned to the needs of today’s business world, SCMS-COCHIN held a full-day workshop on curriculum design and development on the 9th of July. It was led by Director Dr. V. Raman Nair and Academic Administration Dean Dr. Filomina P. George.

The first such workshop since SCMS-COCHIN received international accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) earlier this year, the session studied both classroom sessions and outside-the-classroom activities.

As Dr. Nair said, “With technology progressing at lightning speed and increasing globalisation, the face of the business world is changing on an almost daily basis. We must keep all aspects of our curriculum up-to-date in order to ensure that our graduates are fully prepared to meet the ever-growing and ever-changing challenges they will face in the marketplace.”

In order to keep the curriculum on track, making it more innovative and truly value-based, the workshop sought – and received – many constructive suggestions from faculty on both in-class learning and extra-curricular activities. These included issues such as mentoring, industry interaction, social interventions and SCMS-COCHIN’s acclaimed Integrated Managerial Learning Program (IMLP).

The driving force behind the IMLP, Dr. George said, “When I joined SCMS-COCHIN, the curriculum was mostly academics. With time, we created a counsel group in which I could realise my ideas for a co-curricular programme for SCMS-COCHIN. We would identify a problem, be it communications, awareness, etc. and address it pretty much on the ‘Quest’ and ‘Big Fight’ format. Slowly, I exposed the management of SCMS-COCHIN to the scope of learning beyond the confines of a classroom. Finally around 2004, we were able to institutionalise this as the Integrated Managerial Learning Program of SCMS-COCHIN. That was extremely gratifying.”

Dr. George said, “To sustain student interest, it is ensured that the activities are in the nature of infotainment and give one ample opportunity to express and experiment – thereby helping one to realise one’s true potential.”

The aim of the IMLP is to sharpen the students’ skills in every aspect of life through experiential learning and activities that help improve social skills, knowledge and understanding of human behaviour. The ultimate aim is, of course, to turn out graduates who are globally competent and socially responsible professionals.

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