Students should make the most of the numerous placement opportunities provided by SCMS-COCHIN, says Seema Deepak .

22 Jun

Life has come full circle for Seema Deepak. As a student more than a decade ago, she would hit the road every morning to reach SCMS-COCHIN. But things have changed. Now, she is working for the SCMS group and handling the placement and internships of the students. Of course, much water has flown under the bridge during the last decade. “I passed out in 1999 and since then SCMS-COCHIN has really progressed exponentially—the campus is huge, it boasts one of the best faculties in the industry, infrastructure is excellent, and the placement scenario here is very encouraging,” says Seema.

Seema explains that placement is not merely the month-long on-campus show. “Actually, placement activities go on round the year, but become visible only during campus interviews. It takes a lot of hard work to bring good companies to the campus to conduct these interviews,” explains Seema.

She is always busy meeting with industry representatives and new companies, apprising them of the high-quality education imparted at SCMS-COCHIN, sharing the institute’s excellent track record and inviting them to fish in the talent pool of SCMS COCHIN.“The trick lies in communicating your good work to the companies, and then your track record stands as proof of your claims. But you need to keep all communication channels active and remain in touch all the time,” believes Seema. These interactions also help in exploring internship options for the students and in finding good guest speakers who give them insights into the real corporate world.

Seema Deepak believes that placement opportunities for the students have grown tremendously as India emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and one that is making its presence felt at an international level. “SCMS COCHIN has responded swiftly to the business demands, and as a result the young managers passing out from here are industry-ready. This explains why a growing number of companies show interest in our campus interviews,” says Seema.

She advises students to try their best to secure placements through campus interviews, gain a few years of work experience and then bargain hard for future opportunities. “If you are not hired by the company of your choice, try to make use of the opportunity that is offered to you. Sometimes students choose to give one opportunity a miss, hoping to get something big in the near future; but at times they keep waiting endlessly for that opportunity,” warns Seema.

Before joining SCMS-COCHIN, Seema worked with many organisations and gained valuable experience. She also worked as a merchandiser for a garment export company inBangalore. Now, she is happy working for her alma mater. “You kind of re-live your college life when you see your juniors working hard to do something big in their life. I really love working here,” says Seema with a lingering broad smile.

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