Seniors At SCMS-COCHIN Are Known To Welcome Freshers With Open Arms.

21 Jun

Ragging is a vice that has ruined the lives of many youngsters. Sometimes ragging creates such terror in the minds of freshers that they are scared to death when they step into the college campus. Thankfully, SCMS-COCHIN has always displayed bonhomie towards freshers. Here seniors play the role of elder brothers—always guiding and helping.

On behalf of the seniors, I would like to welcome all the freshers who have decided to be part of our ever growing family.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated—this is the mantra that guides us at SCMS-COCHIN. I believe that being a senior is like being an elder brother who helps juniors adjust to the new atmosphere and guides them to make the best of the available resources.

It is true that we seniors enjoy certain privileges but we should never forget the responsibilities that come along with this.  The fact that we are more informed and know more about the campus puts us in a position to help juniors. Of course, we get our due respect as seniors when we play the roles of guides and mentors. Well, being a senior means we are looked upon as role models. We really have to watch our actions and need to be guarded in our behaviour in order to set a good example for our juniors to emulate.

We will be able to meet the new batch only after the 17th of September. We are doing summer internship projects till 14th September but in our absence, freshers will be welcomed formally by the college.

Till the time we meet, I would like to give some suggestions to my juniors. They should make the most of the world class infra-structure at SCMS-COCHIN and utilise all available resources. They should make every effort to enhance their knowledge and skills. The college has a rich library with more than twenty thousand books and two hundred journals. They should make use of the language lab and actively participate in extra-curricular activities as it grooms their overall personality.

We all will have a bash when we formally meet at college. Just be ready with interesting jokes, songs or anything that you would like to share with us. We also have a lot to share with you. You will be impressed with our knowledge and smartness—after all, we are your seniors!

Kumar Pankaj


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