Geordie Job Pottas, SCMS-COCHIN BAtch 2010-12 – “SCMS-COCHIN Graduate And World Record Holder Reflects On Life.”

21 Jun

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SCMS-COCHIN graduate Geordie Job Pottas already has a lot to be proud of. Not only is he in the Limca Book of World Records for setting a world record in the category of “Fastest Counting of Letters in 50 Words Having a Length Between 11-20 Letters Each with a Total of 800 Letters” in 3 minutes and 50 seconds, he was also awarded “Best Outgoing Student” in his graduating class at SCMS-COCHIN. To say that this journey from SCMS-COCHIN to world record holder has been a heady one is an understatement.

“For me, the two years at SCMS were a period where my life was transformed. It was here that I gained the confidence to become a public speaker. SCMS’ environment forces one to dig deep into one’s soft skills, explore them and then reproduces them…At the end of two years, I feel a sense of richness in me from the vast experiences there. It forces one to grow up as an adult in terms of maturity and wisdom.”

Being named “Best Outgoing Student” was an achievement that Geordie did not expect, but was the capstone on an already impressive educational journey. “To be frank, I had never expected such an honour to be bestowed upon me. It was a complete surprise! It feels amazing to become one. SCMS values curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Having the right attitude in life is very important, and I am happy to know that SCMS awards one on that aspect too, other than just pure academics. I have an A+ grade, but I wasn’t the best in terms of academics. I believe that it is the overall judgement about a person being a good human being that is valued more at SCMS.”

When it comes to talking about the key to his success, Geordie is extremely introspective. “Being humble and being ready to learn at every instance of your life is very important. Life should be exciting. The moment we stop enjoying something, it becomes boring. Try to find something that gives you happiness in what you do; the results will come automatically.”

Life after SCMS-COCHIN has been exciting for Geordie. With a world record under his belt in the Limca Book of World Records, he is now eyeing a chance to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. Beyond that, Geordie is still looking to the future. “Goals in life, they evolve. Apart from my professional goals, to add value to any organization that I am with, I have some life goals too. I would like to see myself as an entrepreneur. I would also like to travel with my family.”

Wherever he goes in life, Geordie has much to thank SCMS-COCHIN for. Not only did he learn academics, he learned about life and values. “The most important values that I shall carry from SCMS are the virtues of discipline, team-work, hard work and the importance of trying to be the reason for others to feel glad about themselves.”

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