Dr. Swamy voices his confidence in youth to continue fight against high-level corruption

06 Jun

SCMS-COCHIN learned about the fight against corruption in a March 6, Industry Institute Interaction (III) session featuring Dr. Subramanian Swamy.

Dr. Swamy, an eminent economist and ex-parliamentarian, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SCMS-COCHIN.

Being a veteran orator and a fighter against corruption, he conducted the session on corruption at higher levels, which ran for an hour and a half at the seminar hall of SCMS.

After the welcome address by SCMS Group Chairman Dr. G. P.C. Nayar, the session was started by Dr. Swamy defining corruption as the misuse of public office for a decision which is not justified in merit. The major part of the session was about the 2G scam (in which it was said mobile licences and airwaves were granted in 2008 to companies which, the CBI claims, were ineligible), the people behind it and the follow up action to date. He explained the way he brought the case into the limelight and how he is trying to take the other culprits before the law.

Dr. Swamy outlined how the spectrum was sold in 2008 at price levels which existed in 2001, causing the nation a loss of 1,76,000 crore rupees.

He said corruption is an epidemic which brings in sub-optimized decisions and pointed out ways in which it allows black money to flow in the economy.

The methods to fight corruption are to implement apt punishments and give importance to our ancient values and lifestyle, which was less materialistic, said Dr. Swamy. He insisted the young managers to understand the Indian value system and rather than running behind the materialistic pleasures in life and slowly change the corrupt practices prevailing today. Dr. Swamy expressed faith in youth to fight corruption.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. K. J. Paulose (Dean, SCMS).

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