Sindu Pandalai : From Homemaker to Cupcake Queen

01 Jun

SCMS alumni Sindu Pandalai knows how to multi-task. Full-time mother and now entrepreneur working to create a cupcake empire, Sindu is doing it all.

“If there’s anything we learnt at SCMS, it was positive thinking,” says Sindu. This is a philosophy that Sindu has fully embraced. She is a burgeoning entrepreneur who is running both a cupcake business and her home successfully.

Before embarking on this endeavor, Sindu worked with the UB Group’s Spirit Division. After working for the company for four long years, she elected to choose motherhood over a career. However, it wasn’t long before the marketing and finance major decided to combine her passions: business and family. Today, she has her own “The Cupcake Factory”, a one and a half-year old company that she runs from her home.

Sindu believes that the transition from business woman to homemaker to both wasn’t a conscious effort but a natural transition. A baker for the past 11 years, she became so good at making desserts that she was volunteering to do just that every time there was a family get-together. Despite the popularity of her desserts, the idea of starting her own business didn’t occur to her until a friend asked if Sindu could supply 50 cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday.

Sindu delivered the cupcakes to the birthday party and was surprised when they were gone almost as soon as the box was opened. The same couldn’t be said of the birthday cake, ordered from a professional baker, which just sat there, waiting to be cut. Her friend suggested that Sindu think about pursuing her craft on a professional level, and Sindu’s instincts told her the same thing. Armed with her academic experience from SCMS, Sindu decided to seize the moment.

Sindu doesn’t own a store but works from home. With a belief in the importance of fresh ingredients, Sindu’s business is thriving. Positive response from customers has led her to create a Facebook page, and she is in the process of developing a website for her company.However, one can see her work and interact with her on The Cupcake Factory Facebook page

Upon graduating from SCMS, Sindu said her mother was initially concerned when she learned that she would be working for a liquor company, but the concern soon passed. Her husband, however, has remained very supportive of all her decisions, whether she worked at the liquor company, quit to become a full-time mom or started her own business.

Sindu is one of those lucky few that have found a happy medium in their life. While she has no sage advice for future managers/entrepreneur, she does offer one piece of wisdom: never be afraid of trying. According to her, it is better to try and fail than not trying at all and regretting it later.

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