SCMS-Cochin Homecoming proves to be an emotional experience for alumnus Anith Puthiyangath

16 May

It was an emotional homecoming for SCMS-Cochin alumnus Anith Puthiyangath, one that ensured he’ll be “a lifelong fan of SCMS.”

Arriving for the institute’s Homecoming 2012, an event where alumni are invited back to interact with students, on April 24 he said “It was very emotional coming back to SCMS after all these years and having seen how far SCMS has progressed. I am proud to have been a part of it.”

Anith said “What touched me the most on my visit was the love and affection I received from you guys, it really felt like I was back home after all these years.  I can assure you; you will see and hear a lot more from me in the future.”

His life and career have taken him on a long journey since he graduated from SCMS.

Initially he returned to Palakkad, Kerala and spent a few months restructuring the 100-year-old family business of producing and trading in edible oils, then branched out and took a sales job with an IT marketing firm in Chennai.

From there he landed a post as sales trainee with PepsiCo, also in Chennai and quickly rose to the position of Customer Executive in sales, distribution and key accounts management.

Next, Anith returned to academia, attending Leeds University in the UK to obtain another MBA and then accepted an offer with Sony Gulf in Dubai.

“One of my best stints so far, the role was in product marketing and the markets involved the entire Middle East and North Africa,” he said. The best thing about the job was the constant travelling to my markets and the Far East, which gave me an insight into different cultures, habits and customs. Travelling along with education for me is an investment in oneself.

For personal reasons he returned to the UK and took up an offer as a Buyer with Sonex Communications (a retail partner of Sony UK) based in Mayfair, London and “this I would say has been one of my toughest roles to date” keeping in mind we were in retail and we were operating in one of the most competitive retail markets in the world.

Anith is currently promoting VARGHESE chroma and is simultaneously looking at new ventures. VARGHESE as he is lovingly called is passionate about ‘unique’ & ‘exquisite’ objects for home and person and ‘exciting’ designers with a story to tell. Currently VARGHESE’s work can be accessed through the blog but watch this space as there is work being done for the launch of an exclusive ‘VARGHESE chroma’ website featuring ‘exciting’ designers with real stories to tell and who lovingly create objects for you and me to enjoy, look after and pass on to the next generation.

At the SCMS homecoming Anith was booked to speak to what he thought would be a small group of students – and found he was facing an audience of 200.

“I was already in the room and it was too late to attempt an escape,” he said. “I hope I did justice for the time and effort you guys put in and at least a handful of the crowd felt it was worthwhile.

“Now looking back the ‘homecoming’ was one of the highlights of this trip and one I would recommend all of us should try and do. I enjoyed the experience and I left SCMS with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, but at the same time I told myself I will be visiting and keeping in touch with this place a lot more in the future. The attention and love I received when I came back home to SCMS has ensured that you have a lifelong fan of SCMS in me.”

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