“SCMS Cochin has prepared me to brave the real world of business”:- Jenna Tresa Joseph- PGDM, 2010-2012 BATCH

16 May

Ask Jenna about her two years at SCMS -COCHIN and she is full of praise for the institution. This is her way of thanking the school which put her career on the right path. Her training and exposure make her feel confident to face the competitive world of business where there is no place for mediocrity.

“Academics, extra-curricular activities, industry exposure, practical training, and project work are some of the important aspects of our training which have contributed to overall grooming of the students,” said Jenna.

She found the curriculum is devised to meet the needs of every student, irrespective of his or her educational background.

“Foundation training in the very beginning of the course helps students understand the purpose of doing the course and how the activities and programs will eventually transform them into business leaders,” says Jenna. “This exercise immensely helps those students who are not from a commerce background and need some help before they finally start swimming in the sea of the business world.”

According to Jenna, the three months she spent on her project in Delhi gave her first-hand experience at running a big organization. She was with a courier company and learned in order to remain afloat, it is important to keep operations costs low and deliver on time, every time.

“That was my real experience of testing the waters myself, evaluating the minute details and finally understanding what it takes to run a business smoothly,” says Jenna.

It is time for final-year students like Jenna to say goodbye to SCMS COCHIN. Everyone is emotional including Jenna.

“I am going to remain nostalgic for a long time to come. These two years have been the best part of my life, but we have to move on and need to put into practise what we have learnt here,” says Jenna.

She majored in marketing and finance and already has a position with Deloitte. For the first three months she will work as a management trainee and then as a consultant.

Jenna is thankful to her teachers at SCMS COCHIN for the education and training imparted to her.

To junior students she offers this advice: “They should work hard and keep themselves abreast of current affairs and business news, as this would help them immensely when they appear for placement interviews.”

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