Studying in SCMS-Cochin is a Matter of “Pride” says Mr. Dennis Joseph, Faculty Member (Finance) & Alumni

25 Apr

The best thing about SCMS-Cochin is the campus and its ‘pride’. The campus no doubt is gorgeous; it owns a rustic-laidback Kerala style look, while the quiet river winding behind its periphery adds to its serene charm. It has all the state-of-art facilities you can boast; be it the infrastructure, library or the lab facilities. The faculty here never shirks to extend a helping hand at all times. It is here where students graduate not only with a sense of pride – but also to come back to give ‘more’.

One such example is Mr. Dennis Joseph, Assistant Professor, an alumnus of SCMS with a specialization in Finance and Marketing. After having spent over five years in the corporate environment, he now upholds his sense of pride while “sitting with his senior faculty members, discussing curriculum and student problems – with the same seniors who once taught him while he was once a student here”. Subsequent to managing a plethora of roles in companies like ICICI Bank, Honey Bricks property Management Ltd and Allegro Capital Advisors, Mr. Joseph now likes to debate with his students as he teaches them the nuts and bolts of finance and accounting. He also is an active member of Alumni member initiatives. Even as he helps students sharpen their critical-thinking skills and problem-solving techniques, he also manages the “Homecoming” of its alumni members.

Homecoming, as the name suggests is an initiative where ex-students of SCMS, with more than 7years of industry experience are invited to have informal sessions with the current students. The subjects discussed range from anything like – How SCMS was favourable for them? What were the teaching methodologies then and now? Their journey beyond SCMS and all the learning’s in between. This informal chat brings about a broader picture for students and helps them gain a practical insight of what corporate life is all about. Mr. Joseph and others on his team aim to make this initiative a regular feature – wherein 2-3 such session would be conducted per month.

Another proposal in the pipeline is the pre-dinner talk which Mr. Joseph wants to incorporate in the SCMS-Cochin campus. Taking a cue from other IIMs these talks are conducted by senior alumni from the industry. Another feature to be added is to invite ex-students with spouses for Alumni gatherings. The aim is to make it a family affair with greater participation, where the spouses can join in the fun-bandwagon as well.

Mr. Joseph applauds the excellent curriculum and schedule of SCMS-Cochin. He says “the student has a world of facilities, with an extensive practical approach. There are case studies, guest lectures, project work, mentoring program etc., all meant to prepare students to handle the aggressive and competitive environment outside the campus”. On his advice to students he wants them- to wholeheartedly absorb themselves and use every facility on the campus. He says the initiative “TODO” is greater than anything else and makes all the difference in a student’s life.

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