‘SCMS offers a World of Opportunities’, says Thapasya Vijayan, Faculty& Alumna SCMS-Cochin

25 Apr

“Every day and every moment belongs to the student to seize for. For SCMS-Cochin provides them a world of opportunities” says Thapasya Vijayan, Assistant Professor, in the Human Resources department and alumni of SCMS Cochin herself. With offerings too numerous to recount individually she describes SCMS as an institute with an ‘open heart’ which has always welcomed every new idea and opportunity from its students to improve upon its quality, curriculum and facilities.

Armed with industry experiences among the erstwhile Centurion Bank of Punjab, and as a Business Development Manager cum Trainer with Career Development Centre, Kollam, it is during her stint as a trainer that Ms. Thapasya realized her true calling — in the field of academics. It’s now been over three fruitful years that she’s been teaching and less than a year as a faculty of Human Resources with SCMS-Cochin.

No matter what name you call, we all once describe it as our Home. And the same holds true as Thapasya Vijayan recalls her fond memories spent during her time as a student in SCMS-Cochin. She has wonderful stories to acquaint with right from her induction program, to grooming, to interaction with industry leaders and other personality development programs. She terms all these offerings as “extremely good” and which has made her stay at SCMS worthwhile. Unlike other B-Schools who phrase-word their campus as state-of-the-art (reality being far away from it), SCMS-Cochin campus exceeds expectations literally. “ You need to see it to believe it” adds Vijayan. Right from the infrastructure being superb, the library up-to-date, the lab facilities of high-quality, the campus also houses a neat, spacious and well maintained hostel for its students.

In addition to its excellent curriculum, SCMS has also taken sincere efforts to bring to its campus scores of professional managers and well known academic scholars to work with its students. Through the years Ms.Thapasya has witnessed improvement in quality of SCMS – the impression that the students have created in the industry after they have stepped out of SCMS is remarkable. The recruiters and companies alike are happy to have the well groomed students.  Intended for the student’s growth, Thapasya thus advices her students to make the best use of all the facilities SCMS has bestowed them with.

Another noteworthy aspect of SCMS is its Mentoring program. A teacher is assigned to a group of students wherein they have complete freedom to discuss all their problems with the mentor i.e. the teacher. The problems shared could either be a professional or personal one and this has helped many students come out of their difficulties while studying.

As a faculty member students are always asking Ms. Thapasya for advice on how to approach placements and studies. Her suggestion is that there is never a dearth of opportunity for students who have the right mental attitude. One might gets placed in a wrong set-up or not be happy in his job not because of his or her lack of skills, talent or exposure, but due to a lack of basic understanding of what he or she really wants to do in life. Her advice is to not look at the ‘earnings’ a job has to pay but the ‘learning’ that is truly of interest to the student. The student should take the time to discuss and introspect their interests and abilities and then only take up a course or career of their choice.

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