SCMS COCHIN Summer internship programme gets even better.

25 Apr

Summary: Summer internship programme of SCMS COCHIN has become even more effective. Now, the internship duration is three months–earlier it was two months—and students themselves manage their internship. During the internship SCMS faculty meets the company to get feedback on the students. Students get out of their comfort zone and exhibit entrepreneur qualities.

Summer Internship programme of SCMS Cochin has gone for a sea change recently. Now, it gives more industry exposure to students, makes them more committed to the whole exercise, and helps forge good relationwith the industry.” We keep tuning our programmes with the changing need of the industry and keep adding value to our curriculum. The internship in its new Avtar is just another effort to make our students industry ready,” says KJ Paulouse, Dean of Management studies who is architect of this new look internship programme.

The highlight of the new programme is that student takes most of the call in choosing the company for the internship programme. Students select the company and then approach it on their own, interact with the authorities there, and do the entire spade work to secure the internship. “ Initially, this seemed a herculean task for most of us, but later when we managed to get internship on our own, it boosted our confident to the highest level,” says Jenna Tresa Joseph, final year student of SCMS Cochin.

Internship in its new Avtar has now become a big hit among students who appreciate the fact that they are being treated like a responsible entrepreneur, capable of devising a way when faced with difficult situations.” The idea is to make them come out of the comfort zone and face the real world. This is what they have to do in future. Believe me, with this experience, they develop the habit of being a go-getter rather than waiting for others to do things for them,” says Paulouse. However, there are some students who need help and in those cases SCMS placementcommittee pitches in to bail them out, but such cases are very few in number , and this number is shrinking very rapidly.

In order to soak up maximum benefits from the internship programme, it is mandatory that student choose internship opportunities outside of their home state. “This is good idea, otherwise hometown internship means spending time visiting parents and relatives. For three solid months we get to concentrate on theproject and nothing else,” Says Robin who is from Jaipur, but doing his internship inKerala.Earlier the summer internship programme was for two months but now it is of three months duration and one trimester credits are given to the students.

SCMS COCHIN has taken up other measures to ensure students give their hundred percent to the internship programme. After approving student’s internship request,SCMS faculty remains in constant touch of the internship company. “Faculty visits the internship company to discuss student’s progress. This face to face interaction with the company keeps the students on their toes and also makes the companies realize how much the management and the faculty cares about the students’ growth. This really helps in attracting companies during the placement because they know the caliber of the students coming out of SCMS,” explains Prof.Paulouse.

The companies registered for internship include majors from all important sectors. HDFC, ICICI, Karnataka Bank, Reliance group of companies, TATA group of companies, and Apollo Tyres Ltd are registered this year too. Last year 84 organisations offered internship to 205 students and this year more companies are on the list.

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