“I put in hardwork. SCMS-COCHIN made me a new person.” :- Christopher Kurian -PGDM, Insurance & Banking ,2010-2012 BATCH

25 Apr

At school, Christopher was an introvert. Academically, he was like any average student, waiting for a miracle to happen—magic that would change his life for the best.

“When I decided to join SCMS-Cochin, my friends warned me about the amount of hard work that one is asked to put in everything that one studies here. I took it as a challenge and joined SCMS-Cochin.”

Today, after successfully completing his PGDM, Christopher thanks heavens for opening this door for him.

“After the initial self-convincing phase, I put down my foot and decided to work very hard on my studies. It was hard to adapt. My growing-up yearswere spent in Bhopal. This was another hurdle since at SCMS-COCHIN, I had to construct another identity—a social, academic and friendly one. All this helped me in the long run. A set of bright colleagues gave tough and healthy competition that inspired me.”

For Christopher, SCMS-COCHIN is a mind-mixing avenue that brings together great thinkers, great writers and not merely studious ones.

“Extra-curricular activities interested me always. I was part of every one of them.”

The best part about this institute is the overarching disciplinary air that one feels in the academia and the co-curricular. The faculty is particular about proper education. At the same time, they are also fun. So as he overcame the initial hesitancy and scepticis,especially during the first two trimesters, SCMS-COCHIN paved his way to a bright future.

Today, Christopher is at the starting point of his journey in the corporate world. He has got what he wanted—a job at the prestigious IDBI Bank.

“I did my major in Insurance and Banking. I had heard from people about the two much sought after courses—general management, and insurance and banking. So it was a difficult choice. After a lot of thought, the latter came out to be financially as well as work-wise a more suitable option for me.” He takes pride in this decision—“I have justified my choice of subjects. I have proved that I took the right decision at the right time-most of all, in the right institute. SCMS-COCHIN has taken me on cloud-9.”

With an air of grounded pride, this IDBI professional strides from his shell to a world full of opportunities, waiting for him with arms wide open.

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