“As a complete package, SCMS-COCHIN beats other business schools hands down!” :- Sajeet Samuel -PGDM, HR,2010-2012 BATCH

25 Apr

Sajeet is a good orator, and his life imitates modulation in his voice—going up and down, taking twists and turns. Thankfully, SCMS-COCHIN has provided the necessary stability to his career path. “Initially, for my own reasons, I never preferred pursuing professional course in South India. I am born and brought up in Rajasthan, so north India has always been a natural choice for study , but destiny had something better written for me, and thankfully SCMS-COCHIN happened to me,” says Sajeet with modulation in his voice.

His parents are from Kerala, so when he joined SCMS-COCHIN, gradually everything fell into place.“My relations in Keralaapprised me of SCMS-COCHIN reputation as being highly reputed business school in South India. After making my own inquiries, I became satisfied and took admission,” tells Sajeet.
During the two years Sajeet excelled in extra-curricular activities. He is always eager to hold the mike and host the show, whenever he gets an opportunity.“I have always been a go-getter, and this quality of mine has multiplied many times now. I always say it is the complete package at SCMS that makes it different from other competitors” feels Sajeet. He praises students-alumni interaction and recommends more such interaction as this provides students insight into the real word of business and feel of the atmosphere they will get into after completing the course.

It is not that everything at SCMS-COCHIN was to his taste. “There are a few things that you feel should have been done in a different way, but the fact is that it happens everywhere, and you can’t expect to be in ideal situation all the time, so learn to find a solution and you will succeed,” shares Sajeet- one of the life lessonslearnt at SCMS.

Sajeet has studied Human Resource, but grabbed the good opportunity that came to him first. “It is important to start first, and sooner or later you will finally get to work where your heart lies. Don’t just let the opportunity pass by just because it is not hundred percent similar to what you are looking for,” says Sajeet about his simple Fanda of life.

Sajeet is placed with Thomas Cook and will be joining somewhere in June. Although he is not part of the HR team, but he is looking for the rich experience he will get working for such a reputed company. “Furthermore, they have promised to consider me for HR positions, whenever there is a suitable opening. I am really excited to be a part of a great team,” concludes Sajeet.

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