11 Apr

ImageIn what will be remembered as one of the most memorable evenings at SCMS-COCHIN, the PGDM 19th Batch and the MBA 9th batches were given a glittering farewell by their juniors. It was a day when SCMS-COCHIN put aside its scholarly cloak and donned a carnival-like atmosphere. On the 30th March, SCMS-COCHIN was all decked to host the traditional farewell – Director’s Fireside. Students of the 20th batch set the tone and tenor for the evening with a cine dance, which took the audience on a colorful ride through bollywood, right from the 1960’s upto 2012.  While the bollywood dance and song routine was really an excuse for participants to let their hair down, the high point of this evening at SCMS-COCHIN was a beautifully staged skit on the two years that a student spends at SCMS-COCHIN. The skit, which showcased some surprisingly good acting talent, was a reminder to all present, what SCMS-COCHIN stood for.

   The passing-out batch of SCMS, for its part, took the challenging path of conveying their two-year stint in the form of a mime. The act was silent… but then who needs words, to convey emotions strongly felt and mutually shared.

The much-awaited part of this function was the announcement of the results of an online voting, scheduled to nominate the outstanding students – in their own special way – of the passing-out batch of SCMS-COCHIN. The categories were rather imaginatively drawn out. Febin T Shajan being awarded ‘Mr Fireside’ and Afshan Koya taking home the coveted title of ‘Ms Fireside’. Such was the spirit of bonhomie at the ‘Director’s Fireside’, that both Shobit Prakash and Sanjana Krishnan were found smiling on being awarded the not-so-coveted titles of ‘Angry Young Man’ and ‘Angry Young Woman’ of the 19th PGDM and 9th MBA batch of SCMS-COCHIN, respectively. But the hard-work of two very deserving people was recognized, when Vivin Varghese and Geethu Venugopal were awarded the ‘Mr Funny Bones’ and ‘Ms Funny Bones’ respectively. Keeping everybody in good humour is after all a lot of hard work!

This done, the party moved to the lavishly laid-out buffet, with a customary camp-fire beckoning everyone to gather around. Over dinner, with the wind streaming in from the seas of Cochin, memories – mingled with laughter and a tinge of sadness – of the two years at SCMS-COCHIN were refreshed and promises to keep in touch, sealed. Thus, did the old order at SCMS-COCHIN, yield its place to new. 

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