A Rough Start to a New Beginning – But SCMS-COCHIN Is Worth It

28 Mar

I got off the train and was waiting for my friend to pick me up. I was thinking: Why am I here when I had other options? How will the college be? How will the people be? Will I be able to adjust here?

Other things were going through my mind, but I felt some relief because my friend here was from Kerala so I shouldn’t have much difficulty adjusting. He came to pick me up on his bike. We reached our college hostel. This was my first time at a hostel. The warden was sitting in front of the gate and the first thing he said to my friend was give me your keys. My friend had taken the bike without the warden’s permission so he seized his bike for a few days. This let me know how the coming days would be. After going through some procedures and giving me a brief intro about the disciplines and rules, I was given my room keys.

The first day of college, the gatekeeper was staring at every student. I did not understand why, but later learned he was checking our attire and whether we shaved properly or not. On the first day we were safe because we just had an introduction class of an hour or two with the faculty. My room-mates and I made some friends and went exploring some of the places in Kerala. We enjoyed it, but returned before 9pm as we were asked to do so for 9:30 attendance. I was very excited because I had never been to a hostel.

The second day of college a real tragedy occurred as I was caught by the gatekeeper for not shaving. I was already late for class but I had to go shave and when I returned I was late by half an hour. I opened the door of our class and everyone’s eyes were on me. A faculty member was conducting class and before I could utter a word he asked me to stay out. I said I was sorry and he gave me a long lecture on the rules and regulations of the college, asked me not to do this again and allowed me to sit.

In the next class something worse happened. Another faculty member entered our class, not to teach us but to give us a clear idea about the discipline and other procedures of the college. He called on me to read a sheet he was holding. I was very scared and the first thing he said to me was you are in SCMS and asked me to pull my pants up, adjust my tie properly and get a good haircut (I had it spiked at that time). I felt offended. He asked me to read those rules and all were shocked when they heard all the rules and other procedures. Other than that, the rest of the day was normal.

The first few days were difficult for me because my friend left the college as he couldn’t take the pressure. The second problem was the food (I am from north India so…) and worse were the assignments and presentations as I was not used to any of it. But we as human beings have a very good instinct and we forget things very quickly and get involved in our new world.

Now things are different. I do assignments in an hour which used to take me days to do and actually I find a lot of change in my attire too. Before I was rowdy, but now it feels good to see myself in professional attire. The way we communicate, our confidence level has been increased and lot more things have changed.

I would say come to SCMS and experience it yourself. I would give all this credit to SCMS and the faculty who are very friendly and helpful to students and always try to make them comfortable in this hectic environment. Now I think I made good decision by coming here.

All things happen in your life for some good reason.

Ravi Mishra
PGDM General

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