SCMS Cochin: Yoga And Working Out To Work Off The Stress

26 Mar

After surviving the first trimester college life in SCMS Cochin, I can say college life is a stressful balancing act. One has to keep up with their studies, do homework, have a social life and get involved with extracurricular activities.

With umpteen distractions ruling the environs, procrastination is another common practice for many people attending college today. Postponing things off until last minute can cause stress and exhaustion. Putting all this in perspective, I would say, I’m lucky to have my Yoga classes and the wide open environs of SCMS to fix my stresses Yes, Yoga it is. Yoga an ancient Indian form of exercise that captures a holistic approach to life is a regular feature at the campus of SCMS. People from all parts of the world have reported that yoga is an effective form of curing stress and bringing internal harmony, and that’s what I do, every week, to cure my chaotic mind.

Our batch is divided into 4 sections, wherein one section gets to practice yoga every week in rotation. Since we can’t do away with our regular classes, the yoga session is conducted after study hours, from 5:15 in the evening until 6:30. The one and a half hour session is begun by a broad introduction to Yoga, its history, its benefits and Asanas. Following which, we have some light warming up exercises and small asanas. I particularly enjoy the breathing exercises performed during yoga which strengthens the body and improves flexibility. After a more rigorous workout of stretching and posing, I would say, in the end I feel fully relieved and rejuvenated. Although I do not find time to practice it on a regular basis, the session every week is enough to get me going.

Besides, for the other students in campus there is an array of outdoor recreational and sport activities they can get involved in. Walking and jogging (and chatting!:) is a common sight for students early in the morning and late evening after dinner time. My roomies do try to wake me up for an early morning stroll, but I like to enjoy my snooze till it lasts.

Volleyball and Basketball is also a major sport for boys, although I’ve noticed that the girls usually stay away from these rough-ian games…

Whether you’ve got 30 minutes to spare or only 5, there’s a way to squeeze a sweat session into your busy college schedule.

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