SCMS-COCHIN Trains Students Hard In Soft Skills

22 Mar

The management at SCMS-Cochin understands theoretical teaching is not enough for management students; their overall personality needs to be groomed. As they put it, “Our methodology is different from that of other business schools. Though theoretical inputs are essential to any business management program, we do not give it undue emphasis as others do. Our stress is on the overall development of the personality of the individual.” In keeping with this thinking, SCMS-COCHIN has introduced various personality development programs.

These programs work on the students’ communication skills, inter-personal skills, and analytical abilities and help build their confidence. It is important for a manager to be able to handle people and motivate them toward achieving their goals and these programs mainly focus on people management skills.

All the aspects listed above are essential for the overall development of an individual’s personality. Good communication skills enhance a person’s overall personality and help them put across their points well. Rigorous training is given to polish students’ communication skills at SCMS-COCHIN. Empathy is another quality required in order to manage people and it is also worked on at the personality development workshops.

The personality development programs at SCMS-COCHIN have been specially designed, keeping in mind the requirements of the current market. They are developed with help from industry experts and institutions specializing in these courses.

“We conduct a series of programs with external experts to develop and sharpen skills in communication, inter-personal relations, analytical ability, proficiency in public speaking, assertiveness, self-confidence, interview techniques and a variety of other skills that are essential for a manager,” said the institute.

SCMS-COCHIN is confident that a student who undergoes a two-year course at the institute would become an expert public speaker and will be an efficient manager in future. As they put it, “A student who completes two years of study at SCMS-COCHIN will be a consummate public speaker, an expert in effective communication and in human relations.”

 A special tuition fee of Rs. 4000 is charged every trimester for these programs, but the amount is definitely worth spending.

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