Cricket, Carrom & Chess: SCMS-Cochin Sports Week Ends As a Huge Success!

22 Mar

From scoring a hat-trick with their cricket bat to aiming the shuttle at the badminton court, from pulling the rope with all mightto concentrating enough to make the right move, from cheering their team to jeering their opponents, students of SCMS-Cochin had a field day.

In what seems like a perfect break from the grueling academic schedule, the prestigious School of Communication and Management Studies Cochin conducted their sports week from February 24 to Match 3, 2012. Students were divided in various teams and competed against each other in a wide range of sports like cricket, badminton, table tennis, relay race, football, basketball volleyball, tug of war and throw ball. While cricket, football, badminton, basketball and volleyball drew massive participation because of their popularity, it was the tug of war for female students that drew maximum cheers.

There was also lot of interest for athletics where individual athletes competed against each other at events like 100 M race, 200 M race, 400 M race, 1500 M race, long jump and shot put for boys and 100 M race, 200 M race, long jump and shot put for girls.

Speaking about the importance of Sports Week, RTR Varma, the professor-in-charge, said, “We at SCMS group of institutions understand the importance of a healthy mind with a healthy body. Attaining knowledge is as important as exercising your body and soul. Thus we have an annual sports meet among the students who make us proud of their skills and qualities. The tackling strategies that the students make during sporting events, really fosters their management skills in the real business atmosphere. Giving them a chance to realise the capabilities in themselves, we at SCMS- COCHIN are happy to facilitate the opportunity to students.”  This sporting even fosters great sportsman spirit among students, giving them a much deserved break from the monotony of academic life. It is for this reason that this event is much awaited throughout the year.

Talking about how entertaining and relaxing this sporting event is, a student of the institute said, “I really look forward to the Sports Week every year as it is lot of fun and give us a great chance to exhibit our skills. This year I was here to cheer my friend Jasmine. Seeing her on the race track was an exhilarating experience. I am very proud of her.”

The winners of various sporting events are- Kochi Patriots for cricket, Kochi Chargers for Football, Kochi Challengers for Volley Ball and Kochi Kings for Basket Ball. The girls of Kochi Team wowed the audience with their combined efforts and won all glories in Tug of War match. The overall winning team is Kochi Challengers after winning 45 matches and the runners up are- Kochi Chargers and Kochi Pirates.

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