Indo German Centre for Water Technology and Management being set up at SCMS-COCHIN

23 Feb

It is a known fact that India is not lacking when it comes to ground water or other water bodies such as rivers, seas, etc. The climatic condition of our country is also not dry. The issue actually is the uneven distribution of water and its quality. The water quality is degrading by the day due to pollution, making it so poor that it cannot be used for drinking, cooking and not even for washing.

This is where the role of waste water recycling comes in. The initiative of setting up the Indo German Centre for Water Technology and Management was taken considering this very problem in our country. As Dr. Johannes Fritsch said,Reuse and recycling of waste water, and even more important, water sparing processes wherever feasible have to be adopted. The activities of the Centre for Water Technology and Management are based on this holistic view of the water problem”. He shared how the Centre for Water Technology and Management would contribute in improving the quality of drinking water and its supply.

Dr. Fritsch who came to India in 2010 to complete the collaboration formalities withSCMS-COCHIN was quite impressed by the way he had been treated during his stay at the institute and said that the same hospitality and warmth continues even now during his revisit. “My wife and me have been accepted here with so much friendliness”, he said.

Talking about SCMS-COCHIN, he further said, “I must say that with the perfect functioning of all organisational processes here, I am able to complete my work with a minimum of frictional losses. During this period I have also visited quite a few other institutions in India and this organisational efficiency of SCMS Group seems to me really outstanding”.

He appreciated the fact that though SCMS-COCHIN has never been involved in such activities earlier still it has managed to work on this project so efficiently. He was impressed by the basic structures that the SCMS-COCHIN team had already prepared and said that, “This readiness on the part of SCMS-COCHINfor an open discussion about my ideas was most amazing for me”.

 Dr. Fritsch has praised the SCMS-COCHINteam and is hopeful that with the assistance being provided by them this project would soon be completed successfully.

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