SCMS- COCHIN: Concurrent Sports and Co-Curricular Activities Go Hand in Hand for Future Managers, Round the Year

22 Feb

SCMS- COCHIN offers undergraduates several round the year co-curricular opportunities, allowing students to support their academic endeavours which help them apply classroom learning to real-world situations. These academic and co-curricular undertakings are considered to be an integral part of school life – and key to SCMS-COCHIN commitment to the academic, social and emotional well-being of their students.

“At SCMS- COCHIN, we have developed co-curricular activities specifically geared to develop the students’ skills in reflective, collaborative and analytical thinking” says Dr. GPC Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group. “The school seeks to create practical, as well as social future managers, focusing on both – academic understanding and experiential learning” he adds.

 Integrated Managerial Learning Programme (IMLP)

As an IMLP student, you participate in experiential learning programs as a way to exhibit your talent and skills as a manager. A regular forum is provided wherein you are challenged at every step by undertaking rigorous management activities such as mock Role-plays, Product Launches, Board Meetings, Discussions, and Quizzes etc.

Industry Institute Interface (III)

SCMS- COCHIN has a reputation in India for its practical, career-oriented programmes. They have a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and the university’s close links with industry ensures its programmes are in tandem with the future needs of industry. The Industry Institute Interface regularly hosts meetings with industry leaders, reserved for students on the program.  This provides the students with valuable opportunity to network with eminent visitors from both the industry and the academia. Meeting with such industrial partners are ideal for students to investigate different working areas, and to broaden their educational experience with practical applications of their syllabus.

Technology Aided Teaching and Learning System (TATLS)

SCMS- COCHIN is equipped with state of the art infrastructure facilities including a High-Tech Campus. The 10 Mbps dedicated wireless internet connectivity serves students well with project-based learning in a one-to-one technology environment. Up to 6000 e-journals can be accessed by the students. SCMS- COCHIN provides each student with his or her own laptop. In addition, each of its three computer labs and classrooms are equipped with Web-enabled computers and the latest in collaborative learning technology.  The goal is for every student to become a self-directed learner who does not rely on teachers or textbooks for direction. An online learning management system called “Moodle” is also used to create a network to help students, teachers, and parents to connect. .  “Our students do authentic work much like what you would see in a professional work situation,” a teacher said.

Outbound Training Programme (OBT)

Every year students undergo two days of outbound experiential learning programme at Munnar, one of the more popular hill stations in Kerala. The training includes a variety of team games and competitive activities interspersed with discussions and deliberations on team building and group dynamics. The programme conducted by seasoned trainers of Kalypso Training is an educational program to prepare students not only for college but for life.


Right on from day one, a student is assigned a mentor amongst the faculty members. A mentor is like a sounding board, a facilitator allowing their partners to discover their own direction with a deep personal interest. It is a power free relationship wherein the mentor acts, guides and helps the student in studies and co-curricular thus fulfilling a role as a helper and developer of others.


As a SCMS- COCHIN student, you participate in special classes and seminars with students and experts across different programs and industries respectively. A two-day annual management seminar, ‘PANORAMA’ is particularly becoming for the students as renowned national and international experts from various industries participate in it. Each department from time to time also arrange seminars focussed to their areas of specializations.


The SCMS- COCHIN Sport meet, an annual week-long event organized at the SCMS- COCHIN campus is a huge draw. Students compete in various sports categories such as Basketball, Volleyball, Spot Races etc. thus instilling the motto of “The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender, and thus when challenges arise, you must use them to become stronger.

Student Associations and Add on Courses

Students type themselves into various knowledge families such as in the areas of Systems & Operations, Human Resources, Finance, Insurance & Banking, Retail Merchandising and Marketing. They meet at regular intervals, discuss about its latest developments and occasionally bring in experts to interact with. Another exciting opportunity is the add-on courses. (Capstone Simulation is one such course) and provided free to the students. These courses help them improve their strategic and innovative thinking skills.  “SCMS- COCHIN is a reflection of deep commitment from its leaders” a passing out student says. “Organizing events and activities of such magnitude involves a huge amount of time and resources. I would say the school does its best when it comes to supporting the educational goals of young people.”

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