German International Exchange Student Jerome credits SCMS- COCHIN with imparting practical knowledge

22 Feb

In this era of globalization, student exchange programs play a cataclysmic role in helping aspiring students realize their dreams. Through programs like these, SCMS- COCHIN provides opportunities to many foreign students. Jerome Nyra is one such.

The idea to come to India was triggered when right after the completion of his mid-term university examination in Germany, Jerome decided to shift base abroad for a semester. In his hunger for diversity in education and learning, Jerome opted to come to India. The German students exchange program helped him in this. It has been one and a half months since. Spanning a total of three months, the study is the result of the exchange programs carried out by the international relations committees of both the countries.

On being asked about India, Jerome replies with “it is a fine country.” Settled in southIndia, he basks in awe of the waterfalls, more so, eager to see the famous backwaters.

At the end of the term, he plans to return to Europe. “I really like the group discussion methodology of imparting knowledge that SCMS- COCHIN has in its rulebook. I intend to take it off from here to the completion of my masters thesis.” Gaining practical knowledge is a vital component of the education process in India. While classroom teaching is given due importance and theories act as conceptual bases, the coalescing of these elements with practice is the stepping stone towards perfection. “Projects connect you to the company,” he says, describing how the project-based study in Indian business schools has proven helpful to him as to the others. Giving credit to a step further in acquisition of practical knowledge, he lays importance on internship, which according to him, “helps one analyze the wide array of business dealings and problems.”

After completing his masters and reaching the basic experience level, Jerome plans to join a consulting firm. While this experience will help him, he believes, with “exposure to various business situations,” the thorough theoretical knowledge will strengthen and support in getting a better job.

In this way, the SCMS- COCHIN student exchange programs turn the students’ dreams into reality. In much the same way, Jerome dreams to work as a consultant. Unfortunately, opportunities in the field of consultancy are rare in Germany. But thanks to student exchange programs, many like Jerome could come to India to set a base in the consultancy profession. Once a deal is set, they have the option to settle down back home, using the post-inflationary revitalized scenario as fertile ground for their wishes.

Five years from now, Jerome would like to own a consultancy firm. He regards the SCMS- COCHIN student exchange programs as a “blessing” for such zealous foreign students. 

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